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April 2010

Poem: The Ronettes Had Nothing On Us.

The Ronettes Had Nothing On Us. . Valerie and I spent numerous hours In the white tiled public toilets Near the wrought iron park gates. We would sit there for hours Singing all the latest hits. If we had been as good as we thought We could have been totally famous And owned the whole […]

Mind Control Is Sneaking Up On Us.

G’Day, Just adding an Australian twist to the day again….perhaps it will encourage some sunshine. We are grey and cold again here at the moment, but a little watery sunshine is peeping through every now and again, so I am hopeful. . Big H is doing well at the moment. On the last hospital trip […]

Poem: Exocet

Exocet. . . Why, when we share a double bed, Do I wake up in the mornings Perched upon the vertiginous edge of the mattress With you lying flush against me Obdurate in your solid bulk Your clenched fist and elbow bullying me, Unable to move even one small inch In any possible direction except […]

Bloody Drivers.

Hi, . I’m a bit pissed off today to be honest. Yesterday we popped out to the shops for a short while to get some steaks, sausages and beefburgers for a barbie we were planning on having during one of these  bouts of intense sunshine we keep experiencing now. . Everything was fine until we […]

Poem: Maze Of Delights.

Maze Of Delights. . . There is a rare place Found between the waking And the soundly asleep. A realm behind closed eyes, Full of connections to everywhere, With archaeological And finely preserved moments. Sometimes so lost in that landscape That there seems no point in returning To the more normal ante-room. . .

From Roy Rogers To Keanu Reeves.

Hello, . Wednesday again, so tonight I get to watch American Idol. It is my new regular thing to watch although it is not a patch on the British version because I have never heard of any of the American guest stars and they all sing really rubbish songs. Isn’t it strange that there seems […]

Poem: Unwanted Guest.

Unwanted guest. . . You could see their enjoyment, This pair at a small table for two, Whispering together and being alone. The woman just sat down with them abruptly, Too large for the space, Stomach pushing against the table, Unaware of the not welcome mat Or the created exclusive intimacy bubble. Obviously, the childlike […]

Poem: Country Walk.

Country Walk. . . So many shades of brown To match the crumbling leaves That crunch beneath my step. No summer now to bring in brighter hues. All reduced to skeleton and dessicated flesh, Well set off by piles of dried up Mouldering and mouldy dogshit Cunningly lying in wait for the unwary. . .

Hospital Duties Today.

Hi, , Greetings from a very sunny and beautiful part of northern England. WOW, now this is what I call a morning! . The birds have already been served a large amount of chopped up pasta with pesto and the remaining slice of toast and Marmite from breakfast….so they are well pleased too. . I […]

Poem: Cotton Slip

Cotton Slip. . . What a rare pleasure To walk along behind her In the sunshine, Past the city plane trees. Each time she steps through the light I see the shadow of her body Through a light cotton dress. . .