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April 2010

Poem: Betwixt And Between.

Betwixt And Between. . . I do not like lifts I don’t want to be stuck between floors. It is just the same with life, No one wants to take a chance On being marooned in one spot, It is hard to follow directions With no definately recognisable point of reference. . .

Bloody Japanese

Hi . Now Japan sucks, . . I was pretty disgusted to read that after a 25 year worldwide ban on commercial whaling, things are going to change. . Japan is now taking steps to overturn the prohibition. Japan, Norway and Iceland carry out whaling at the present time, and have done so since 1986 […]

Poem: Ratty And Mole.

Ratty And Mole. . . It was just a simple meal Cheeses, bread, grapes And a lemony ice cold wine. We lay there on the sand Listening to the trout jump, Watching clouds pass overhead. . .

Barbies Rule.

Hey, . Sunday again, as if you didn’t already know! . Yesterday was a very pleasant day for me. We went along to the garden and discussed cutting the lawn and weeding out the dandelions….but we did not do anything more than lie back on the lawn and drink ice cold beers and talk about […]

Poem: Saturdays.

Saturdays. . . On a Saturday morning Dad would be out collecting, Dressed in his brown suit, trilby, Orange shirt and suede shoes. Given the times and where we lived He was not only very tall….he was a peacock. . .

Divorce Is Seriously Destabilising.

Hey, . Hope your Saturday is going well for you I cannot complain today because it is warm and balmy this morning and Big H is feeling fine. The birds have been fed and my Hyacinths smell wonderful every time I open the door to the patio. All is cool. . I was remembering years […]

Poem: Sunglasses Advised.

Sunglasses Advised. . . I usually wear only black With the odd item of grey or white Plus the sometime ubiquitous blue jeans On certain ‘full wash basket’ days. I cannot wear that colour for weddings though. As a result I have just bought a suitable outfit Which is a brilliant shade of turquoise And […]

Troubled World.

Hey, . Greetings to you on a brilliantly sunny Friday. Once more there is light and heat here so we are feeling cheery again….quite apart from the fact that the weekend is always welcome. . I am feeling a bit frustrated though, because a friend who lives in France sent me a hilarious e-mail yesterday, […]

Poem: Birthday Treat.

Birthday Treat. . . You baked me a cake yesterday Using a pristine cookbook. It was quite damp in the middle With far too much spice But it was so lovely that I cried. . .

Poem: New World Order.

New World Order. . . After heavy rain The world looks so tender, Newly washed and brushed. There is pleasure to see Bright gleaming bricks In surprising shades of red, Sleek blackened slates, and Everything in refurbished tones With all spring cleaning done. Just like an old time Easter Parade. . .