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April 2010

Nice Surprises.

Hi, . Greetings upon this very grey and cold day. Where has all the sunshine gone to. Have you got it instead. Give it back! . Yesterday was a very quiet day for me once more as Big H is going through a ‘not very good period’. When he was at the hospital at the […]

Poem: Cry Baby.

Cry Baby. . . It is not only your skin That grows thin with age, It also seems to fetch emotions Much nearer to the surface. Soon you can be brought to tears By news stories, or even adverts. It turns you into a proper softie, Unable to hold your water In more ways than […]

What If Your End Was Truly Nigh.

Hey, . Today I have a question for you. . If you were magically, and abruptly, told that today was the last day of your life but you had to spend it doing what you would normally do….would you do it differently? . Would you appreciate your family and friends more because you would suddenly […]

Poem: Nothing Is Perfect.

Nothing Ts Perfect. . . You have to take The rough with the smooth. The beaches with pebbles The kippers with bones The tails on your prawns And the peaches with stones. . .

Poem: That’s Just Life Jim.

That’s Just Life Jim. . . When babies lie asleep With their pretty mouths open It’s all gummy pink suede And velvet pink tongues. Why then, when old people Fall asleep in their fire-you-out-chairs Do you see only a fallen back chin And a cosmic black hole. . .

Wonderful Creatures And Stuff.

Hey, . How  do I find you this rainy grey Tuesday, are you having a reasonable week, I certainly hope so. Yesterday was totally lovely and the sun continued to shine wonderfully all day long, with everyone looking very cheerful and underdressed. Of course, there are always those who tell you that good weather is […]

Poem: Stunner.

Stunner. . . After such long association, your good looks don’t cut it anymore. There needs to be more inside than you have bothered to develop. When you get yourself all dolled up you can still stop traffic in the street but I know you too well now so the quick fix no longer works […]

Poem: Wednesday Morning Call.

Wednesday Morning call. . . Lying here in bed Watching the sun through Heavy winter velvet curtains, As various dark areas Are painted luminous By the early morning light. Seeing the frill of extreme ingress At the very top of uneven fixings I wait to witness the progression Of the seconds, and wonder If it […]

It Is Beautiful Today.

Greetings Peeps, . My Oh My, what an outstandingly beautiful day this is. Blue and amazingly warm and sunny with a faint tracing of mackerel cloud in the sky. . I look out of the window to see people in less clothing than usual, smiling and happy, going for their morning papers or walking their […]

Poem: Who The Hell Is She.

Who The Hell Is She. . . It is hard to accept that this tortoise-like person I see in the mirror used to be me, but I know it was Because she used to kick up her rounded heels. I can testify to the truth of that as I was there at the time. . […]