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April 2010

Poem. Dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher. . . It is a wonderful dreamcatcher Hanging above the rumpled bed. All cream, brown and black feathers Set with shells and tiny stones, Turning gently, in the draft That sneaks in under the bedroom door. The beautiful eagle feather Which hangs from the bottom of it Was a surprise present From The United […]

Away With The Birds.

Hey, Good day to you all. . We have another grey day here, after a rainy Saturday evening, but it is cheerful enough with lots of birds singing so I cannot complain. Once again there are many birds waiting in the tree for their breakfast, but I am making them wait a while. I am, […]

Poem: It Is Passing Strange.

It Is Passing Strange. . . I love looking in junk shops, Emporiums of interesting histories. Who knows where things have been Or who invested them with meanings. What game of chance Deposited the pieces there Redolent of other lives and loves. It is passing strange to carefully pick about In the jumbling together of […]

Meet A Dementor In Person.

Hey, How is it going. Are you lying in bed this morning, just enjoying the fact that yesterday was a holiday and you have all weekend not touched yet, or are you lying there unable to move a muscle and feeling nauseous because you spent last night necking it for England! Either way I hope […]

Poem: The Big Lonely.

The Big Lonely. . I was glad when you left because I was so sick of you and all of your arguments, complaints, and irritating ways. The thought of leaving off the top of the toothpaste and not having to pick up all of your stinking socks was seeming totally irresistible. Not to listen to […]

Poem: Loving Spoonful.

Loving Spoonful. . . The alarm clock has gone off And there is heaps to do, But let’s just steal Five minutes to be spoons In a warm and snuggly Early morning bed. . .

The Search For Keith Bennet.

Hi, Good Day to you. . All is well here.  We are once again basking in sunshine although it is somewhat cold and will still require a coat outside. . I have had quite a surreal morning. At 6.00 I was awakened by Big H getting up…What!!!!! you may gasp….he was going to have a […]

Poem: Fish Are Stupid!

Fish Are Stupid! . . I don’t like watching fish. They are stupid things, Going around in circles And never arriving Always with their mouths open But having nothing to say. And they cannot dance. They are just like me. . .

Poem: Early Riser.

Early Riser. . . First thing in the morning is a good time of day to observe with a clear eye. Not only are we taller upon rising, we are a clean surface to inscribe upon. I like the early mornings, it is the only time in the day when my appearance is greeted with […]

Morning Has Broken.

Hi, . Morning has broken, as Cat Stevens so beautifully in the old days, and I do appreciate the sweetness of the new morning. . Today is lovely, with  beautiful wall to wall pale blue sky and welcome sunshine. The birds are chirping and it is indeed a Walt Disney day. I feel that I […]