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May 2010

Another Little Black Dress.

Hey, . I am up early today because I awoke during a bad dream and now I cannot get back to sleep, or perhaps I am just unwilling to risk picking up the dream where I left off. Better safe than sorry in this instance I expect, and I am not a very enthusiastic sleeper […]

Poem: Poor Bird.

Poor Bird. . We took a quiet walk today Once more along the riverside, Everything much the same as usual Under a dubious winter sky. My gaze engaged by something there At the side of the narrow path, Indefinable, but not expected. I leaned in closely, to see The wings of a large bird, A […]

From The Emperor Hadrian To Russell Crowe.

Hey, . Oh dear, it is all over now. No more exotic tropical weather for us. Yesterday became damp and grey by lunchtime and as the afternoon progressed it got much colder again. Oh well, never mind, it is not as if we are not used to it is it! . At the moment though, […]

Poem: Last Rites.

Last Rites. . . It is hard to believe That we still have a problem Because I have tried so hard And pushed every button. You don’t have time to talk Nor are you the most patient So I suppose I should leave it And hope it all works out somehow. . .

Poem: In Solitary.

In Solitary. . . Some old people Must feel that they Are in a padded cell, Serving their time, Afraid to try the lock. Seeing nothing, Hearing nothing, Never seeing The other prisoners. . .

A Tropical Heatwave!

Hi, . Isn’t life great! In the words of the old song …..once delectably sung by the beautiful Marilyn….We’re having A Heatwave, A Tropical Heatwave. . . It is super and unexpected and I am loving it, so long may it last. . Everyone here is more pleasant and happy and they have begun to […]

Poem: Lost Child.

Lost Child. . . You were truly family Seen at intervals All through childhood, Familiar and accepted Without a single thought, A part of my life. We all married We had our families But you left yours To begin a new life Somewhere secret. I have not seen you again And it has been Another […]

It’s A Fix!

Hi, What a fabulous day it was yesterday. The sun was blazing down, the air was warm and the smell of the rapeseed in the fields was soporific in the extreme. Summer is finally here and long may it last. . I did not do very much that is exciting in the retelling, we went […]

Poem: Need An Inconvenient Pee.

Need An Inconvenient Pee. . . You are warm within the bedclothes But you sorely need a pee You wish that you could stay there But it is not meant to be. . .

Now I Know How To Give Injections!

Hi, . What a beautiful day it was yesterday….and it never stopped! After the hospital stuff we went down to Tynemouth and had a superb walk on a freshly washed beach, followed by a stroll on the prom, followed in turn by wonderful fish and chips. . Having said that, I found that I have […]