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May 2010

Poem: Just Like That.

Just Like That. . . It came as quickly As waking did, Rising from the sea Immediate and perfect And has never changed, Durable through the years Never faulted in any way Crazed but not cracked. . .

Poem: Flybaby.

Flybaby. . . Would I give up my arms If the trade meant that I Could make like a bird And have wings that could fly. . .

Tuesday Beckons.

Good Morning, . My, what a wonderful day it is here. Could summertime finally be arriving on the 18th May….it is about time I think. . I was awoken by the brilliant sunshine pushing in around the drawn curtains, accompanied by an ecstatic morning chorus, who were soon rewarded with breakfast offerings spread out for […]

Poem: The Action Behind The Scene.

The Action Behind The Scene. . . It is beyond everyday stuff, It is like taking a swift glance Through a normally boarded up And totally unnoticed window Onto the really real world. There is no time to actually Take the whole thing in But it is so much more than, It leaves me feeling […]

Walking On Water. Liquid Mountaineering.

Hey, . How was your weekend? Mine was good but extremely quiet as Big H had tired himself out taking me to various places last week. I hope that yours was a fine one in every way. . As usual we got the paper on Sunday and proceeded to do our obligatory few hours of […]

Poem: An Uncomfortable Question.

An Uncomfortable Question. . It is not a comfortable question ‘Would I live my life differently Given the unusual opportunity To revise the whole script once more’. Yes, there are some things I would be very happy to change, Some people and places I truly wish That I had never been to, But then, all […]

Can You Believe It!

Hi, . Did you know that on 1st April this year a Polar Bear was found lying exhausted on a Scottish beach? . During a routine wildlife survey, carried out by a gentleman named Dave Sexton who is an RSPB officer, a strange thing occurred. Mr Sexton saw something large and white lying on a […]

Poem: Antique Mirror.

Antique Mirror. . . Looking in the long mirror Just thinking of all that it has seen, Old now, and shabby, with dusty carvings Set around the chipped edges All bows, grapes and furbelows. How many men and women stared, Looking pensively at themselves Wondering if they were truly real. . .

One More Step On The Road.

Hey, . Good Morning to you. It is beautiful here today again, a lovely blue beginning to what I hope will be a wonderful weekend. The birds have been happily enjoying bread, along with a packet of ready prepared Yorkshire Puddings that I was foolish enough to take out of the frrrreezer ( that was […]

Poem: Shush.

Shush. . . Shh, don’t say a word For it will not be enough And it will be too much. Sometimes silence speaks well As each one hears it differently. . .