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May 2010

Elvis Is Still King!

Hey, . How was your weekend, I hope you had a good time even if you just stayed home and enjoyed not having to go to work. Mine was fine, but very quiet, because Big H has been very very tired after the excitement of having fun with the family recently. There is a whole […]

Poem. Fingerprints.

Fingerprints. . . I am free of you But you are not gone From my life. I can always feel The shadow of the past And feel the fingerprints That you have covered me with. . .

Poem: On Our Way To Alston.

On Our Way To Alston. . . What scenery it was That we zipped past On our way to Alston. Vast expanses that stretched Away to rain soaked mist Covering far horizons, From nearer furrowed fields To further sheep filled pastures Rising as they flowed In gently folded ground Of dusty eastern yellow Through subtle […]

Poem; It Really Takes The Biscuit.

It Really Takes The Biscuit. . . It does not seem fair. First you break my heart, Then you ruin my appetite For all the normal things I used to love to do. And, as a final added touch, I find I cannot bear to sleep If sleeping means I spend the night In endless […]

Summer Is Back Again Today!

Good Morning Peeps, . Whoah, what an amazing morning we have here today. The sun is blazing down from a bright blue sky and the birds are vociferous in the extreme. . I was up really early again today and the first thing that I did was to go out and feed the impatient things.. […]

Poem: Career Advice.

. Career Advice. . . Don’t you even get started On all that twinkle twinkle little star shit Because I simply do not want to hear it All, over and over again. Can you not be satisfied with a normal life Just like everyone else is. Why do you always need to push the envelope […]

Puppets Are Hard Taskmasters.

Hey, It is a slightly better day here today. Still with heavy grey skies but there are growing patches of blue sky and intermittent sunshine which is very welcome. . An online friend did write to me to express surprise at the total and complete lack of any political commentary in my Posts recently, what […]

Busy Day.

Hey, . Very late greetings to you. Have you had a good day yourself? . My day has been extremely busy….which is nice. A friend called unexpectedly this morning and we had a nice chat together catching up on all the gossip and discussing all of the changes in our lives since we last met. […]

Poem: Visiting Auntie Lily.

Visiting Auntie Lily. . . When my brother and I were children We would be washed and brushed Like a pair of prize puppies Before being taken to Auntie Lily’s house. She was a fierce old lady, Stiff and upright in her gleaming home Full of foreign objects, brought home By a merchant seaman brother. […]

Poem: No Words.

No Words. . . don’t ask me to explain this particular situation, i cannot even think of him leaving, the idea is unspeakable . .