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June 2010

Poem: Bloody Paparazzi.

. . . “Who the hell is that?” Is what they think now When they see their photograph. Inside, they still feel the same, So it is quite a shock sometimes. To see a human tortoise Gurning for the camera. It positively explains The dislike of the old For unauthorised photographs Taken by family paparazzi. […]

Find Out Your Cut-Off Date For Being Fertile.

Hi, . There has been a really useful development for women who want to delay their family until near the end of their fertile period. This has always been the problem for career women who want a later family. . Although for most people the menopause comes in around the age of 50, there are […]

Poem: Red Sky.

Red Sky. . . Faint tinges of shell pink In the morning clouds Til suddenly they expanded Painting the whole sky red. It may be a sailor’s warning But it ambushes the emotions. . .

Up And At ‘Em.

Hi, . I am a bit late doing a post today because it was a hospital day for us. It was a case of getting up and dashing about madly before hurriedly leaving, cups of tea still on the table only half drunk. . On the plus side it has been yet another beautiful sunny […]

Poem: Precious Stone.

Precious Stone. . . I am not much of a one For flights of sentiment But I did keep the spotted stone That you picked up on the beach. I remember you washing it In the chilled and frothy seawater Before presenting it to me Like gold from the Americas. . . .

The Darkest, Most Haunted, Place In Italy

Hey, . Recently I was reading about Venice and I came across the island of Poveglia, which has a most awful history and appears to be closed to both locals and visitors, although psychics seem to be permitted to visit on occasion. . There are many stories about it. It apparently housed a small community […]

I Was A Bad Fairy!

Good Morning, . Coming to you from a still very hot and sunny part of the UK. It is tremendous to have continuous weather which is as good as this. We are being spoiled. I suppose that the only downside of it, if there is a downside, is that I am having to water my […]

Poem: Mud Bath.

Mud Bath. . We were walking carefully Along the February riverside, Slipping through slick mud And avoiding the dog shit. We decided to take a break By looking in the Garden Centre . It was quite bare and drab With none of summer’s show. You saw a bucket by the counter Holding two sad bunches […]

The Fun Begins.

Hi, . Another fine day I have got myself into here. Blue sky, hot sunshine and it is ….what more could a person ask! . I wonder how many of you are packing for an imminent holiday. I wonder how many of you are heading out to Florida for some excellent wizardy-type fun. . Do […]

Poem: Mind Games.

Mind Games. . . It is seven in the morning now Yet I have not slept at all I have just lain here Worrying about everything, Yawning so deeply that It makes my eyes water. I don’t know why I am worrying so, Even the smallest change In the tiniest thing Causes me terrible panic […]