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June 2010

Bruce Lee. Legend.

Hey, . G’day peeps, I greet you early on a fine morning. It is still warm here and the light is quite luminous today, so perhaps we are going to have a another good one. Yesterday was pleasant until mid afternoon and then it became beguilingly warm and sunny….most enjoyable. It is definitely strange in […]

Poem: Down By The Riverside.

Down By The Riverside. . . Down by the river They lie comfortably And enjoy a picnic. It is bucolic With noisy bees And sudden jumping trout. The wine has a sharp bite Which weds perfectly With bread, cheese, olives And warm, fuzzy peaches. . .

Tim Parks. A Sceptic’s Search For Health.

Hi, What a warm morning this is, I think that our recent and very welcome heatwave is continuing for a while longer, even though the sky is a heavy pale grey this morning with a fine drizzle of rain. . It has been so sunny for the last few days that everyone is beginning to […]

The Oldest IVF Mother In The World.

Hey, . I see that Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford recently got married in Santa Fey, New Mexico where Ford is presently filming. They have been together for 8 years now and have an adopted son together. Calista is 45 and Harrison is a fit 67. He already has four children from two previous marriages. […]

Poem. Everything’s Gonna Be Allright.

Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. . . You have been restless Lying beside me In an untidy bed, Your hands clenched As if you were holding on. I could not understand What you said In a low mumble But you were definitely Not at all happy. . ,

26.06.2010. Open Casting Call For TV Series Starring Sean Bean.

Hi, . Want to be on TV? . If you are a wannabe TV star and you are also an amputee, then here is a total opportunity for you. . A new epic adventure series is going to be filmed in Ireland, beginning in July. HBO, the company who produced The Sopranos, are behind the […]

Poem: A Strong Habit.

A Strong Habit. . . It is a volatile thing This heart of hers. She decides to leave But then she stays, She loves him And she loves him not. He pulls off the petals But she still turns Her flower head To face the morning sun. . . .

With Extreme Prejudice. The Culling Of British Wildlife.

Hi, . I just thought that I would share this with you. . I know that man was granted dominion over the animals….but what about treating them with a little respect and care. . If you are bothered about the millions of disappearing animals then you must read a fabulous, easy-to-read, well illustrated report which […]

Poem: Harbinger.

Harbinger. . . Where do they arrive from Unannounced and sweet, Rising up from somewhere Far away from everyday, I don’t know the origin But I know the joy they bring. . .

Shame On Woburn Safari Park.

HI, . My god, did you know about the expose done on the inhuman way that the animals at Woburn are kept in. Although it has been trading on the fact that they say animals are allowed to roam free in a ‘natural environment’ this has now been discovered to be far from the truth. […]