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June 2010

Cheer Up Keanu Reeves Day.

Hi, . It all began with a snap of Keanu sitting alone, looking very introspective, on a park bench in SoHo, New York. This melancholy image of him holding a piece of bread, and the waiting pigeon, really connected with his many fans and admirers. The photographer being a paparazzo called Ron Asadorian and Splash […]

Poem: Downtime.

Downtime. . . There is a lot of preparation, Planning, and the making of lists Involved in the production Of a full blown dinner party With signature dishes And carefully matched wines, But sometimes, to be truthful, I would just as soon give it a miss And make do with a nice banana . . […]

Disappointed After All.

Hi, . Greetings to you, and all that good stuff. I hope that all is going exceedingly well in your world. . I myself have had a disappointment after all! . when I told you that I was hoping that Big H would drive me to my favourite antique shop so that I could reconsider […]

Poem:Good Morning Sunshine.

Good Morning Sunshine. . . How nice is this, Lying in on a bright morning, Sunlight striping bedroom  curtains To tempt the urgent arrival Of another sunny day. . .

I Just Discovered Kevin Skinner

Hey, . Last night was Big H’s night out at his friend’s house to play XBox games. . For some reason I watched the end of an ‘America’s Got Talent’ episode on the television. It showed a country guy called Kevin Skinner waiting for his first audition. He blew me away because he was so […]

Poem: In This Same World.

In This Same World. . . Huge groups of migrants Move like terrified birds Beneath an African sun That is all so eternal In it’s place and time, How can the eventual colour Of a brand new carpet Seem to command Such great significance In the scheme of things While a whole world needs A […]

BP. A Blot On The Seascape.

. . .Raging Grannies protest BP their about frigging drilling rigs. . Greenpeace comment. . . BP’s stance? . Oh Dear, it seems that none of us are perfect then! . . .

Poem: Change Of Heart.

Change Of heart. . . I have given you my heart. Please build a strong box Complete with a brass lock, And an ornate key To wear around your neck. Please don’t just put it Into your coat pocket Along with an old handkerchief And random bits of fluff. . .

Feeling Fruity?

Hi, . Wow, matters here are improving daily. This morning I am the very grateful recipient of about 25% cloud and heavy duty sunshine. Wehay! . How is everything with yourself….I hope that it is good….after all it is Wednesday! Just think of it as being halfway to the weekend, and, some fun, and a […]

To Wash Or Not To Wash….A Smelly Question!

Hey, . At last we have a decent looking morning here with 50% blue sky and misty sunshine. Not exactly summery and warm, but better than the usual. Who knows if it will get much better than this because we are already halfway through June. I think that we have already had our summer during […]