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June 2010

Bribes, Whales, Cash and Prostitutes.

Good Morning Peeps, . So, here we are again ….it’s Monday…. and it is a cold and rainy one to boot! . The only good thing about Mondays is that they hopefully come after a cracking weekend, so if they don’t then you only have yourself to blame. . My own weekend was very very […]

Back In The Old Routine.

Hey there, . So here I am again, sitting before my computer, drinking a big pot of tea…. breakfast porridge already consumed and the birds already fed. They had a lovely breakfast this morning because they were given almost all of a huge bag of prawn crackers, which were left over from a quick Chinese […]

Death To Bloating!

Hello, . What an excellent sleep I had last night. I woke up without the aches and pains that both Big H and I have suffered from for the past week since we moved to our last rented accommodations whilst we were away. The culprit was a bloody awful soft bed that we had to […]

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.*

Hey people, . Back again. Missed you, but a change is as good as a rest! . So, what has happened in your world lately? Hopefully only good things and excellent treats. . I am well, thank you for asking, and feeling quite laid back about most things…. except for being fatter than before. It […]