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July 2010

Poem: Early Morning Call.

Early Morning Call. . . I am lying snug In a toasty morning bed Fighting the need to rise And go for a pee, But I can tell From my internal clock That this attempted lie in Will be of short duration. . .

BPoMD 11: Quick Splash.

Quick Splash. . . There’s that first breath On a summer’s morning When the rain has just stopped And the sun is suddenly risen Startling the damp night air Like soda into whiskey. . .

Life And It’s Vagaries.

Hey, . Good morning to yourself. I hope that you are starting a great Saturday, followed by the rest of an excellent weekend. . The weather is still grey and rainy here, but warmish, although not really a day to stimulate the wish to go for a walk because it is now. . My patio […]

BPoMD 10: Work Of Art.

Work Of Art. . . When the sun appeared To colour the view from my window It suddenly illuminated A spider web Stretched across the glass Like fairy lacework. . .

Katie Piper.

Hey, . Did you know about Katie Piper . . She is a wonderful young woman who suffered horrific burns when a former boyfriend carried out an acid attack. . . Although it has been very hard, this brave lady has come through, having now started a foundation to improve rehabilitation facilities for burns survivors […]

Poem: Pregnant Pause.

Pregnant Pause. . . Beside the tender curl of flesh Like a fold in oyster satin Upon the smooth surface Of your extended stomach, How heart stopping To see that glorious stretch Rising in a sculpted lump To mark the motion of a foot . .

BPoMD 9: Couldn’t Hear Myself Think.

Couldn’t hear Myself Think. . . Not the bit where workmen Dug up our road all day But the next bit When they finally stopped. . .

High Energy Time Lapse Oil Painting.

. Hi, . See what you think of this. High energy, time lapse painting by artist Robert Bosler. . . . Entertaining? Does it make  you want to have a go? J. .

BPoMD 8: Shopping.

Shopping. . . Walking in Hexham Up the Hallstile So quaintly pretty With waxy pink hydrangeas Displaying by a door. . .

Another Reference To ‘The End Of Days’.

Hey, . Good morning to you. . We have a beautiful morning here today. I awoke to sunshine and some blue sky….no rain at all yet. I would quit while I am ahead but unfortunately there is the rest of the day to get through….and that probably means even more rain. . But then again, […]