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July 2010

BPoMD 7: Singing.

Singing. . . Some kind of bird I don’t know which Sang a five-part motif That was thrilling . .

The World’s Most Tattooed Woman.

Hey, I was just reading about Julia Gnuse from California, who is officially  ‘the world’s most tattooed woman’. . She is 55 and decided to begin her tattoos several years ago. These now number in excess of 400. . There are many different subjects depicted, with a large number of entertainers, from Lucille Ball and […]

Unusual Ambitions. Unusual People.

Hi, . To continue a I have been following . . There are so many unusual people who actually follow their dreams and work towards totally reinventing themselves. They follow their own desires. . These rare people include those like…. . Rick.  The Zombie Boy. . Elaine Davidson. Most pierced Woman. . Eric Sprague. Lizard […]

BPoMD 6: Unto The Day.

Unto The Day. . . Church bells calling Through a quiet Sunday garden Leaving behind a trail Like incense in the sun . .

New 20mph Speed Limit.

Hey, . At the moment we have a 30mph speed limit for most town centres and residential roads. . There has recently been a trial of a 20mph (32kph) limit in places such as in Edinburgh, Portsmouth , Hull, York and Newcastle-Upon-Tyne and it has been judged to be a successful innovation. . Ministers are […]

Poem: Wedding Day.

Wedding Day. . . That particular day I have never seen her so lovely. Suddenly she stood there Radiant in the swelling sound Of every wedding march there ever was. Time changes everything in it’s path But this one memory Will ever be crystal. . . .

BPoMD 5: Idle Petting.

Idle Petting. . . The tele was boring But I enjoyed myself immensely Being pleasured by The continuous caress Of my left foot Placed unthinking on his thigh. . .

All Of Sunday Not Touched Yet.

Hey, . Sunday is here, containing all of it’s enjoyable bits, beginning with Big H going out for the Sunday papers as usual, because that is . Sometimes I find out in them! Of course he is not up yet because it is way too early for him to need to take his first tablets […]

The Old Debate.

Hey, . Excellent, it is Saturday again. Time to rush out and spend more money than you actually earned last week. That is what keeps the system going. . There has been a report issued recently by the Royal College Of Obstetricians And Gynaecologists which is probably going to cause a lot of waves in […]

BPoMD 4: First Class Scran.

First Class Scran. . It was a freshly baked Shortcrust pastry pie, Great chunks of steak Making the crust look bumpy The smell crowding the kitchen With promises of meaty satisfaction. . .