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July 2010

A Pleasing Friday Morning.

Hi, . Is your Friday going well so far then? I would hope so, if you have a Friday evening and all of a free weekend not touched yet. If not, bad luck, and perhaps next weekend will be a better one. . We were both up really early this morning, because Big H had […]

BPoMD 3: A Shared Moment.

A Shared Moment. . . I was amazed today To see a beautiful butterfly Upon my bedroom windowsill. When I opened my hand To release it outside once more It just remained upon my palm Jewelled wings gently stirring. . .

BPoMD 2: Wall Of Flowers.

Wall Of Flowers. . . The best thing that happened yesterday Was walking back into a house Filled with pollen rich lilies Their heavy decadent breath Seducing me in that one heady moment . .

Poem: Gallery Wall.

Gallery Wall. . . She spent the day arranging Pictures of her children Upon the bedroom wall Opposite her brass bed. Now, when she finds She cannot husband sleep, They keep her happy company. Filled with loving memories Throughout the chiming hours Of every restless night. . .

Poem: A Faster Love.

A Faster love. . . I looked at you face to face To tell you that I  loved you And wanted you to commit only to me. Too late I saw the horror in your face. The trapped look and the falling of your eyes. It was all I needed, I did not need you […]

Hot And Humid.

Hi, . My goodness, what strange weather we have had up here for the last couple of weeks or so. There has been a lot of rain, but it is still very warm with it. For me, it feels very much like it did when we lived in the Middle East, as you can feel […]

Poem: Lusting In Kensington.

Lusting In Kensington. . . The best thing about Kensington Was the area up behind the High Street Where the numerous antique shops Were selling fabulous crystal chandeliers Posing supermodel-like in spot lit glass windows. How she lusted after them. A great deal more, in actual fact, Than for the man whose antique carved french […]

Poem: Feeling Fruity.

Feeling Fruity. . . I like your banana It is such a handsome fruit, Long and curved Like an Arabian scimitar. . .

Angelina Jolie. An Unauthorised Biography.

Hi, . For those of you who admire, desire or aspire to be like this global superstar….there is news! . In a few weeks time Andrew Morton’s new book…Angelina: An Unauthorised Biography…. will be published in America. This book purports to tell you almost everything, giving all of the answers to all of the questions. […]

BPoMD1: The Best Part Of My Day.

The Best Part Of My Day. . . The best part of my day Was to walk along the edge Of an incoming sea Upon a totally empty beach. So timeless and eternal. It was comforting to know That the only temporary thing In the picture….was me. . .