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July 2010

Poem: Home Made Style.

Home Made Style. . . It was quite consuming To make sure kiss curls remained Fixed upon your forehead And curling by your ears When Liz Taylor had one too. It took an awful lot of spit To make sure they stayed in place For the whole of the evening. . . . Liz Taylor, […]

Fabulous Shoes To Die For.

Hi, . Hoping that I find you well and happy today, and pleased with your lot. . I have just spent a wonderful few hours lost in the world of pretty shoes. . This came about because I decided that, when I go to the Costume Ball that I was , I should really try […]

Poem: But I Can’t Do That

But I Can’t Do That. . . Why did you have to ask the love question. Yes, you enhance my life, And yes, I have always loved you, But no, romantic love does not come to order, So I wish that nothing had changed For you, because your change of heart Has now totally removed […]

Raoul Moat. Police IPCC Investigation.

. Due to evidence given by bystanders, it is now thought that police officers may have been issued with a new model Tazer shortly before the final stand-off took place in Rothbury. . The guns which had not yet been given Home Office approval were distributed to the officers, although such action is lawful if […]

Unbearable Cruelty In Abattoirs.

Hey, . It is enough to turn you to vegetarianism. . Videos have been released by Animal Aid which were taken during some covert filming in many abattoirs in the UK. . The most recently taken video showed a slaughter man gratuitously inflicting terrible suffering upon pigs, which are shown being given repeated shocks with […]

Poem: Soul Room.

Soul Room. . . It is OK wearing glasses, It stops people looking in your eyes. I find that that too intimate a connection With people I don’t really know And probably never will do. Given your ‘druthers It’s better to keep your distance Behind old fashioned net curtains. . .

Poem:Full Breakfast Menu.

Full Breakfast Menu. . . I have been lying in bed Entertaining myself for hours By imagining the infinite possibilities Afforded by breakfast. So far there have been Visions of kippers and toast, Oatmeal with sliced bananas, British bacon and eggs Or sliced Scottish bannocks. Imagine American grits With various accompaniments, And what about flavoursome […]

K.D.Lang Rocks.

Hey, How the hell are you today….well I  hope! . Things are OK here, although Big H is still dreadfully depleted energy-wise, so we are not really doing anything very much at all. I am having to make my own amusements at the moment. . There is one good side effect of that, which is […]

Poem: Dawn Chorus.

Dawn Chorus. . . Each morning as the sun comes up The birds all greet it with a song . A morning chorus we all say But I’ve decided we are wrong . ‘Cos birds don’t want to wake at dawn This early rising makes them moan . And what they’re really shouting is ‘Fuck […]

All Today Not Touched Yet.

Hola, . What a superb morning this one has turned out to be. Bright blue sky, sunshine and heat again. I can see smiling people strolling along to pick up their morning papers dressed in light shirts and other summery attire. How excellent is that! . Although we have had a lot of and strong […]