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July 2010

Poem: Pottery Cat.

Pottery Cat. . . The Winstanley cat That I got for my birthday Sits serenely on the mantelpiece In my pinewood bedroom Watching every move I make With his calm glass eyes. . .

BBC Video. Monkey-Eating Eagle Of The Orinoco

Hi, . Just to ask you….did you remember to watch the amazing BBC2 nature programme that about? . Well, if you missed it you have been very, very naughty. But do not despair because the wonderful BBC have a catch-up facility for those absentminded nature lovers among you, although I think that it may only […]

Starting The Week In Profit.

Hello People, . Not a bad way to start the week, I am now ! Well, let’s face it, are not usually anyone’s favourite day of the week, so anything that can improve a is a welcome thingy. . I do not have any plans for today, as has been the case lately, because poor […]

Halfway Through The World Cup Now.

Hello, . Busy watching the World Cup Final with Big H. Some of the tackles that are going in…Oh dear, Oh dear! . Holland were unnecessarily brutal in some of their tackles…extremely physically intimidating. . I have a bet on with Big H. I have £5 on Spain and he obviously has the same on […]

‘Bullet Proof Custard’. New Liquid Armour.

Hey, . This is the description given to a secret formula liquid that is being tested by scientists at BAE Systems, which is based in Filton, Bristol. . Apparently, this new liquid combines with Kevlar, and absorbs the energy of a bullet fired at it by becoming more viscous as the stimulated molecules lock together. […]

Poem: Best Underwear.

Best Underwear. . . She has a special pair of knickers. They are midnight blue and beautiful With rich and delicate lace inserts, Made from the most satiny of silks. They are absolutely her best ones Which she puts on for special occasions, Like days when she is feeling totally down And needs a precious […]

Raoul Moat. Aftermath.

Good Morning, . For the past week there has been a man hunt for Raoul Moat, who was 37. He was wanted in relation to the shootings of his ex-girlfriend, her partner and a policeman. His ex-girlfriend’s partner was killed. . Last night in the Northumberland town of Rothbury, there was a stand-off between the […]

Latest Reports. Raoul Moat. Police In A Standoff For Past Hour

Hi, . Latest BBC reporting on the police search in Rothbury . Apparently the police are negotiating with a man fitting Moat’s description. Is it over now! J. .

Uncovering A Treasure Trove.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed  and bushy-tailed upon this fine Friday morning. I say ‘fine’ but in actual fact it is grey and damp again here, but it is still extremely warm and that is fine with me. . Did you hear the exciting news from Somerset? . A treasure hunter […]

Poem: It’s A Bloody Good Job I Love You.

It’s A Bloody Good Job I Love You. . . You are not a proper pet You won’t do anything you’re told You never fetch things when I ask You’re bloody feet are always cold. . You’re totally immune to rules You leave a mess each place you go And when I tell my mum […]