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July 2010

December 12th 2012. End Of Days?

Hi, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are enjoying life. . Have you ever wondered about all of the different prophecies, beliefs and forecasts about the timing of the end of the world as we know it. These range from the beliefs of American Indians and the biblical Revelations […]

Strange Medical Mysteries.

Hi, . Well, I have to thank UTube once again for a very entertaining hour or so yesterday. . This video is one of theirs and I especially liked the segment that tells you about the presents for the people who have everything. His and hers mummy cases, from Neiman Marcus in America, in 1971. […]

IWC Corruption Review.

Hi, . It is a beautiful morning here, with blue skies, sunshine and birdsong. Wonderful. . Something else wonderful has happened. Do you remember my posts about the and that the Sunday Times discovered and reported on recently. Well, there has been a good result from their expose. . Officials from Nations all over the […]

Poem: Birdsong.

Birdsong. . . In the morning Hearing the birdsong While still half asleep Warmly snug in the bed I find a version Of complete happiness. . .

Poem: Hot To Trot.

Hot To Trot. . . Are you a robot Or what. Would any special trick I’ve got Turn you on to me Or not. .

I Get Some Stupid Ideas At Times!

Hi, . Greetings to you upon this pleasant Friday. Today we have warmth, thick clouds and drizzle….quite nice actually! . Not a lot is happening here at the moment as Big H is feeling a bit weird and weary. The hospital has been in contact today to say that the last blood tests show very […]