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August 2010

Poem: The Power Of Love.

The Power Of Love. . . You are not my judge Or my jury of twelve. Why then do your words Hold all of the importance Of an irrevocable verdict. You are definitely not a lawyer You cannot even spell A word like chrysanthemum. . .

BPoMD 41: Refreshment.

Refreshment. . . How many small parks Unexpected like this one Small oases hidden In the urban desert . .

Live Quietly On The Earth,

Hi, . It’s a much nicer day here today. Very cold before the sun came up, but sunny now with a pale blue sky….and no rain at all! . I don’t expect anyone is keen on going back to work this , after the weekend, but at least next weekend will be here sooner than […]

BPoMD 40: Free Advice.

Free Advice. . . My fortune cookie Was most excellent Always good to know Everything’s gonna be alright . .

Maniacs On The Roads.

Hey Peeps, . My goodness, how many times do we see bad driving on our roads. How many times do we watch some fool who almost caused an accident through bad driving, and wish that there had been a policeman to see it. . How many times, like me, do you see or hear of […]

Mary Bale Dumps A Cat In A Wheelie Bin

Hi, . I was just reading this morning about a lady named Mary Bale. For some reason, when she was stroking a cat in a Coventry street, she decided to lift it up and stick it into a nearby wheelie bin. . It was not found until 15 hours later, when it’s desperate cries were […]

BPoMD 39: Watching The Illusionist.

Watching The Illusionist. . . The snap of the tab On an ice cold tinnie Just as the film Is beginning . .

How Many Times Has This Happened?

Hey, . Sunday Greetings. I hope that you are being greeted today with a bright and sunny summer day, but that is probably a step too far if you reside in the UK. In my particular patch we are still enjoying grey skies and heavy rain….so what’s changed! . Never mind, because all is well […]

BPoMD 38: Stuff Up To 70% Off.

Stuff Up To 70% Off’. . . Deciding that I can’t be bothered To fight my way Through a saletime crowd . .

This Morning I Starred With Russell Crowe In My Dreams!

Hello, . Well, early this morning I starred in a short movie trailer with Russell Crowe. What naughty sparkling eyes he had, and a very quizzical eyebrow. . I woke up and promptly tried to go back to sleep again. . Unfortunately, I then suddenly found myself standing in a totally quiet and empty place, […]