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August 2010

A Long Trek In 4″Heels.

Hey, . Life is quiet here. I am still not doing a great deal, but everything is cool. . I fear that the summer is going now because everything is mainly grey and damp, with only the odd sunny day now, and the temperature has mostly fallen. We have had to dig out the old […]

BPoMD 37: Eastern Promise.

Eastern Promise. . . Waiting until the last Possible moment To order a chinese takeaway, Then taking the first mouthful . .

Poem. Poor Dove.

Poor Dove. . . She sits alone Quiet in the tree No sounds, no trills, no calls. Where is her mate, The one I saw her with For days of bill and coo. She is so alone now. How must she pine If I can look at her And feel the need to cry. . […]

BPoMD 36: Thank God.

Thank God. . . Finding out that The seemingly large animal Dead on the roadside Was only discarded rubbish . .

Wait Til Quint Sees This Baby!

Hey there, . Do you like sharks, do you like speed and do you like water…. being both above and under it. . If you can answer “Yes” to all of the above questions then this blog the one is for you! . What must it be like to be the inventor Rob Innes, 37, […]


Hi Peeps, . it is a grand morning here today, with hazy blue skies and sunshine and HEAT! Now that September is approaching we have to make the most of every possible weather opportunity because last winter was an altogether atrocious one. However today is fabulous and there to be enjoyed to the max. . […]

BPoMD 35: Urghh.

Urghh. . . Being shocked by a big thing On my window pane Then realising that It is safely on the outside . .

Bloodsuckers. A Plague On Cimex Lectularius.

G’day, . How’s life….I hope that it is treating you kindly, with days of wine and roses and nights of blissful repose. . Or perhaps not ….the blissful repose part anyway. . Would you believe that bedbugs are making a very successful comeback, after the days of the effective but now banned pesticides which were […]

BPoMD 34: Childish Things.

Childish Things. . . The nasturtium seeds I bought on an old impulse Are now poking through In my patio pots . .

BPoMD 33: Shadowplay.

Shadowplay. . . Watching cloud shadows Race playfully across the fields From the advantage Of a high viewpoint . .