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August 2010

Dinosaurs By Torchlight (And Cocktails).

Hi, . Monday begins, so make it a good start to a great week, as it is going to happen anyway! . So how was your weekend. Did you find something interesting and different to do, or did you just loll about thinking that it would be good to do something different….if only you could […]

BPoMD 32: Yogi Tea.

Yogi Tea.* . . Opening a new box And being the first explorer To taste our latest choice Of available fruit teas . . . A definite recommendation by the way, if you like the taste of licorice! *Yogi Licorice Tea, Egyptian Spice.

Panic In The Bullring.

Hey, . How do you feel about bullfighting. . Personally I hate the whole idea of it, and it is not often that the bull gets to fight back. . The video which follows is unusual, in that it shows one of those occasions where the underdog does get to fight back, and the spectators […]

A French Hannibal Lecter.

Hey, . And so the weekend is off to a grey and overcast start….but no rain as yet. So we are ahead of the game and that’s a hopeful thing. We may yet enjoy a sunny day, even if it never reaches to the formerly continental levels that we have experienced this year. . Talking […]

BPoMD 31: Time Gentleman Please.

Time Gentlemen Please. . . Watching a wasp Circling the rim of the glass Before making it’s way down For a quick illicit drink . .

An ‘Elvis Has Left The Building’ Occasion.

Hi, . How the hell are you today. It’s a Friday so you have got to be feeling good. After all, there is the whole weekend not touched yet. . But, an important question! Have you made a will? I have recently and it feels good to have done it. . One strange thing though. […]

BPoMD 30: Immediate Satisfaction.

Immediate Satisfaction. . . How nice to be out Tootling in the car Then suddenly going For an unexpected lunch . .

Poem: Under The Influence.

Under The influence. . . Do not look at me that way, Just the power of your glance Causes such sensations That I feel my heart will stop. . .

The Price Of Love.

Hi, . Hoping you are happy and have found romantic love in your life. . But, of course there is a downside to this, as there always is. . We need to trust. We are actually taking a step into the dark when we finally give ourselves up to fully loving someone else. We  trust […]

Build Yourself A Better Brain.

Hello, . We are lucky enough to be enjoying a fine day here. It is all full sunshine and blue skies, plus all the other whistles and bells that could possibly be desired. . Of course, if the weather stays true to it’s recent form, we could be ‘enjoying’ black skies and rampant thunderstorms in […]