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August 2010

BPoMD 25: Eternal Question.

Eternal Question. . . A soft hand In the dark night Asking quietly If I am awake . .

Poem: A Scottish Beach.

A Scottish Beach. . . The springtime beach is littered With turnips far and wide But I’m not at all perplexed because We’ve had a low Neap Tide . .

BPoMD 24: Night Mare.

Night Mare. . . To be suddenly ejected From a turbulent dream To find that all is well And just as it should be . .

Cruelty To Horses.

Hey, . If you do not want to see painful things and be upset then please don’t read this post, you are probably already too disturbed by a lot of my other posts recently because cruelty never seems to stop. In all of the research I have done into whaling etc, I had never considered […]

Try Anti-Ageing. The Way Rich People Do It.

Hi, . Here we are again waking up to a heavy grey rainy day….but this one is a bit windy too, just for a change. Never mind though, it is a Friday, so the seductively. . One thing about British weather though, it is supposed to be good for our skins with all of the […]

BPoMD 23: Quick Shower.

Quick Shower. . . Suddenly the squall From thickened clouds Pregnant with the rain Falling warmly upon us . .

BPoMD 22: Bite The Bullet.

Bite The Bullet. . . Finding out that When you are afraid It is very empowering To do it anyway . .

Cut Price Surgery In India.

Hey, . There is news for all those people who are stuck on the British NHS waiting lists. . In Bangalore, India, there is a state of the art health facility called Narayana Health City, which is mainly staffed with surgeons who have been trained in their profession at NHS hospitals. . Their hospital was […]

BPoMD 21: Takes My Breath Away.

Takes My Breath Away. . . Walking up the lane Towards the chapel Struck suddenly By the scent of honeysuckle . .

Umbrellas At The Ready.

Hello, . I hope that you are well today and that you are having a passable Wednesday. I like . . We are having a small window of watery sunshine here along with a very grey sky. Yesterday we had a real deluge of It started suddenly mid-afternoon and was unbelievably heavy, with drops hitting […]