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September 2010

Poem: Missing You.

Missing You. . . How strange to know I shall not see you again Except in my memories, Where we shall still walk And talk together As we always did. . .

BPoMD 69: Ruck.

Ruck. . . Listening to the crows Outside my bedroom window Like a group of teenagers Squabbling for the very fun of it . .

X Factor With Videos: Matt Cardle. My Prediction Of 2010 Winner.

Hey Peeps, . As some of you may be aware, it is now that time of year once more. X Factor has started again. Yeaaaah! . I make no excuses for my obsession with this whole series. It probably sounds cheesy, but for me there is a definite fascination in seeing someone living an ordinary […]

Poem: Tender Trap.

Tender Trap. . . Standing here Waiting for you To bring the key To your own wind-up toy . .

The Seal Ripper.

Hi, . Were you lucky enough to catch the fabulous ‘Nature Shock’ programme on Channel 5 last night. I was totally engrossed by it. . It was a fascinating story of the 20 year long search to find the cause of the gruesome seal deaths that have been accelerating over those years, starting with hundreds […]

Bonkers For Conkers!

Hey there, . Did you hear the one about the 12 stone man and the conker? . Well, it seems that a certain fellow by the name of Matthew Gwynne, aged 28, was taken by a sudden impulse to re-live something he had totally enjoyed doing as a child many years before. . He decided, […]

BPoMD 68: Being Greedy.

Being Greedy. . . Dumping a huge carton Of Bio-Yogurt Onto my breakfast cereal Before I ate the lot . .

BPoMD 67: Just One More Minute.

Just One More Minute. . . Waking up On a cold And frosty morning Makes the last few moments Under the duvet Irresistible . .

Humans CAN Fly.

Hi, . As you all know by now, I am a complete cissy. . of doing something more dangerous than drinking too much, makes me break out in a big sweat. But I am totally fascinated by those who seem to have a need to confront danger in a full-on way. . I have already […]

Poem: The Black Cat.

The Black Cat. . . He always seems to be there, Waiting patiently on the step Each time we walk past, But there is no sign of life. Do they have any idea When they finally arrive home Of the long hours that he spends Just missing them. . .