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September 2010

Poem: Road to Damascus.

Road to Damascus. . . For apologies I left unsaid For all the times I just saw red I bow my head . .

On Yellow Balloons And Dancing In Madagascar.

Hi, . I was watching a video of a yellow balloon dancing late last night and I really liked it. . You do have to take into account that I only drink at weekends now as I am somewhat, so it was my last night to indulge…and I really did! . I may therefore have […]

A Moment Out Of Time.

Hi, . Lying in bed this morning, feeling deliciously warm and not yet wanting to face the chill of getting up, I began thinking about outstanding moments in a life. The ones that stay clear and meaningful even decades later on. . One of mine took place in . . is a strange place, with […]

BPoMD 66: Lush.

Lush. . . To see the moss On a path beneath That bank of trees Like a velvet carpet Facing north . .

Shopping Is As Good As Sex. It’s Official!

Hey, . What are you all doing today then. . Could a number of you be enjoying a well earned rest in bed, after a good session of shopping on Saturday. And perhaps a cigarette! . It seems we finally have an answer to the vexing question of “Why is shopping for a good bargain […]

BPoMD 65: Emily Bronte said It All.

Emily Bronte Said It All. . . Driving into the hills Below a quarrelling sky, All sharpened, slanting, rain. A truly Heathcliffe day. . .

Camera Magic.

Good morning, . Oh My! What a wonderful morning I have just woken up to. . The sky is blue, there is not a trace of a breeze, and I can hear a distant sound of a plane somewhere. It is a beautiful quality of light, seeming to pick out every colour and detail in […]

BPoMD 64: Jewel.

Jewel. . . Spying a bronze beetle, Round and shiny, Earnestly climbing up The steps to a secret garden, Looking for all the world Like a bead dropped from a necklace. . .

Throwing Three Black Puddings.

Hi Peeps, . Hopefully you are now getting ready to enjoy whatever passes for an excellent Friday night in your book. . It has been cold here today, with intermittent rain, leaving everything damp and muddy, so it is not the sort of evening to make you want to want to leave the house for […]

Lost Land Of the Tiger. Episode Three.

Hi, . Oh my God, what a great series this is, so real and exciting and important for the survival of the tigers, . Dr Rabinowitz is so intense about helping these beautiful big cats. It is so touching that he is able to use his terminal and untreatable cancer as a spur, to keep […]