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September 2010

BPoMD 63: Hubble Bubble.

Hubble Bubble. . . What a find it would have been If I had been a witch, A large dried-up toad There before me on the pavement Free to anyone who cared to take it. . .

What A Fabulous Resource From The BBC.

Hi, . Just thought I would share a great thing with you in case you have not found it yet. . The BBC has a fabulous site, which is about daily news from 1950 t0 2005. It is called ‘On This Day’. You can quickly enter any particular day and year that you are interested […]

Frantic Efforts To save Stranded Whales.

Hi, . At the moment a frantic rescue operation is being carried out on an isolated New Zealand beach. A large pod of about 70 Pilot Whales has been stranded there. . Approximately one hundred volunteers are trying, non-stop, to save the lives of as many whales as they can, keeping the unlucky creatures wet […]

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Thingies.

Hello People, . Just thinking about that greeting to you. Have you ever wondered whether we actually do have aliens living here with us on this planet of ours. After all, if you take it biblically, we are described as having otherworldly beings walking amongst us, such as those described as angels. . There are […]

BPoMD 62: Autumn Dance.

Autumn Dance. . . Two dark butterflies In a spiral dance Outlined against The browning heads of Buddleia. . .

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode Two.

Hi, . What A fabulous series this is. What beautiful creatures tigers are. . I think God must have created tigers on the last day just for his own pleasure! Link to watch episode 2. . .

BPoMD 61: In The Shade.

In The Shade. . . There, in the shade Beneath the trees, A scattering of What looked like crocuses, Their pale delicate faces Lifted from a skirt of drying leaves. . .

I Have Found My Dream.

Good Morning Peeps, . How are you today then? I’ll bet you are not half as pleased as I am at present because….I have finally found the that I have been waiting for. . It is a dark shade of browns, with three-quarter sleeves, and has a collar that stands up by itself. It is […]

‘No Underwear Photo’ Is Causing An Artistic Stir

Hello, . On November 9th 2010, in London, the winner of the Taylor Wessing prize for photographic portraiture will be announced. The four pictures chosen for the final shortlist were decided upon last week, on Thursday. . One of the four shortlisted pictures, by Athens born Panayiotis Lamprou, is causing a lot of fuss. It […]

Lost Land Of The Tiger. Episode One.

Hi, . . Well, did you watch ‘Lost Land Of The Tiger’ tonight. It was brilliant. . The next episode is on BBC tomorrow night. I shall definitely be clearing my calender for it. . If you regret being naughty and missing it, then use this link to watch the first episode, and catch up. […]