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September 2010

Freeze Your Unwanted Fat Off.

Hi, . This is good news for those of you who are with certain areas of your bodies, and who have found to be unhelpful. . There has been a innovative new leap forward for those among you who have a problem with extra fat in the wrong places. An amazing new way of removing […]

BPoMD 60: Unexpected Pleasure.

Unexpected Pleasure. . . Through a doorway I see the brightness Of fractured sunlight Upon the water . .

Lost Land Of The Tiger. The Preview.

Hi, . . This is just to let you know that there is a programme on BBC 1 this week, called Lost Land of the Tiger. . This programme shows film of a ‘lost’ colony of tigers which have been found living at a high altitude in the Himalayas. . This film was obtained by […]

Life’s A Game.

Good Morning, . Monday, Monday. Hope you are feeling OK after what I hope was an enjoyable weekend for you. Mine was great, and the steak I made was perfectly cooked, if I say so myself. . Today is cold and damp, but I am wearing my big boots, so I feel snug and in […]

BPoMD 59: Nightlight.

Nightlight. . . I see you there My long time friend I  watch you pass And wonder at your face . .

A Sunday To Spend.

Hi, . Happy to you, and I hope that your weekend is progressing very nicely. We have planned a nice meal for today which will be Aberdeen Angus fillet with potatoes, broccoli and a nice bottle of red wine which we bought for half price at Sainsburys. So that’s all OK then! . It is […]

BPoMD 58: Paul Popped Up.

Paul Popped Up. . . We had nothing planned For a dull Saturday ‘Til a long lost friend called And stayed a while To catch up on all the news And enjoy a meal with us . .

A Warning. Broadcast Globally This September 2010.

Hi, . . Twenty or so years ago, a film maker called Alan Ereira was making a documentary for the BBC. He worked with a tribe of people who called themselves the Kogi. These people live up on remote mountains on Colombia’s coast in South America. . This tribe believe that their purpose is to […]

Poem. Comfort.

Comfort. . . I cannot see you Here in the dark There is nothing visible Whether I open my eyes or not But I can feel you beside me And hear the sound of your breath . .

Developments At Marble Arch, London.

Hi, Just a quick one about Marble Arch in London. . . What did you think of the new and permanent sculpture which has just been unveiled at the Marble Arch in London. . It is named ‘Horse at Water’ and has been created by Nic Fiddian-Green. . It is a free standing work in […]