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September 2010

Poem. Lost.

Lost. . . The shortcut home Was a mistake, Ending up beside A huge stone walled Lake of water. Asked what place this was A passing youth replied ‘Everyone knows of the Milk Pool’ . .

Yoga Bear.

Hello, Well, I hope that you are feeling good on yet another . How excellent it is that we get one every week! . I was quite tired by last night as we had to spend another day at the hospital for another one of Big H’s examinations yesterday. You have a mad rush to […]

BPoMD 57: A Streetlight By My Window.

A Streetlight By My Window. . . A  little bird Darting at my window To eat the tiny flies Attracted in the night . .

Henrietta Maria And Her Dwarf.

Hi, . My goodness, it has been incredibly windy lately. There are broken branches lying all over the place from the wind whipped trees. Winter is a’comin in! . Never mind, winter means staying in a warm house a lot more, doing lots of artwork and drinking lots of hot toddies Talking of artwork, have […]

BPoMD 56: Autumn.

Autumn. . . How many hours can pass In such a companionable way Scooping up the dry leaves To feed a garden fire . .


Hi, Midweek already….or as my Canadian friend always says….it’s Humpday. That means the mid-part of the week, then you get over the hump and on to the weekend. . As an English person I at first assumed that it could be sexual ….ie. humping….but I was wrong. Not that having a special day of the […]

BPoMD 55: A Little Light Music.

A Little Light Music. . . An intermittent breeze Plays through the garden Creating it’s own music By stirring the wind-chimes . .

BPoMD 54: Tiger Stripes.

Tiger Stripes. . . Enjoying long striped shadows Across the pavement Cast by iron railings Caught by the setting sun . .

Seven more, Starting With Akon.

Hi, . Since my last CD and my effusive gratitude upon recieving it, Big H is asking me what other music I really like, so he must be making me another one. Therefore, I have had a think, and here are some of the results. . There is Akon singing Beautiful. . and Lonely. . […]

Poem: Moondreams.

Moondreams. . . The thick black specs Are ‘in’ again And love still hurts But Buddy is forever dead . .