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September 2010

BPoMD 46: Sod Being Wheat Intolerant.

Sod Being Wheat Intolerant. . . OMG – just look at what I’ve got on my plate, A thick toasted granary slice Laden with butter and Marmite . .

Seduction At Topshop.

Hi, . Yesterday it was so hot and blue that Big H and I decided to forgo the last bonfire and go for a run-out with the top down while we still had the chance. As we needed to pop into anyway, it meant that we could do both things. . After we had concluded […]

BPoMD 45: Red Leaf,

Red Leaf. . . One deep crimson leaf Hidden in a yellowing plant Sad harbinger of winter But so beautiful . .

Along Came A Spider.

Hi, . How are you today, with the weekend all but here. Hopefully you are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed again….with a healthy wet nose! . Yesterday turned out to be a superb day, with blue skies, strong sunshine, and it was wonderfully warm again. We went to our garden and admired all of our plants and […]

BPoMD 44: Plainsong.

Plainsong. . . Doing mindless weeding In the warm sunshine My ears entranced By the cooing of doves . .

Opera Tots And Opera Stars.

Hi, There has been an unusual and probably most welcome innovation for those of you without someone to care for your children when you want to catch a performance at the opera. . The English National Opera have decided to offer parents a chance to spend a few carefree hours listening to the best that […]

BPoMD 43: Christmas Is Coming.

Christmas Is Coming. . . An orderly row of trees Bedecked with red berries Like a dress rehearsal For a happy Christmas . .

BPoMD 42: Constitutional.

Constitutional. . . Feeling sorry to see The hunched-up man Walking in the heavy rain With his hunched-up dog Until I look more closely And they both seem to be smiling . .

The ‘Doctor Foster Went to Gloucester’ Effect!

Hey Folks…. ….and a good morning to you. . Yesterday was quite a busy one for a change. We went to hospital in the morning and then had a look around the shops but I soon got bored with it. I am looking to buy a shiny black down-filled jacket/coat, now that I have been […]