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October 2010

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 4 Results On 31st October 2010.

Hi folks, , Sunday evening is here. Are you waiting with bated breath. Excellent….so here we go once more, to see who is about to have their ‘this means the world to me’ dreams shattered. . I don’t expect it will be 17 year old Cher Lloyd though, as she received rave comments from the […]

BPoMD 93: Cuppus Interruptus.

Cuppus Interruptus. . . What an extra-fabulous cup of tea I made myself this morning, Why does that always happen When I have to rush away and leave it. . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 4 On 30th October 2010

Hello fellow addicts, . The next dose of our chosen obsession is here. . There have been yet more bizarre happenings in ‘X-Factorland’ this week. . John Adeleye, who was ousted last week, has reportedly hit back by saying that he did not get a fair chance and that Wagner is always causing trouble. I […]

Lonely? Try The Ugly Bug Ball.

Hi, . Life is not always a fair thing, and many people feel that they are at a disadvantage because they are not beautiful. Therefore, while the most beautiful can have almost anyone they desire, those who are plain feel that they can only have a narrow choice of partners, who are so much harder […]

Poem: Black Cloud.

Black Cloud. . . How, on such a fine day, Full of every good feeling, Can I sit down upon A luckily available seat And feel suddenly bereft. I ponder the possibility That I have entered The bluest of memories That someone else was thinking As they sat here before me. . .

Haiku: Sexy Beast.

Sexy Beast. . . It is a fine sight – To see a well set-up man Controlling a horse . .

Wearing Red Increases Your Sex Appeal.

Hey, . Interesting findings on the ‘how best to attract men’ front have just been published. . The study which seems to prove this premise, was done in New York, at Rochester University. . The method used was to show pictures of a reasonably attractive lady to two groups of male students. The only difference […]

Poem: Do You Take.

Do You Take. . . I have technicolour days Like the best offerings of George Cukor Back in the days of MGM. There is one coming soon Deep in the wilds of Cornwall Where, hopefully, the sun will shine As light reflects on turquoise waters And long dried rose petals Will colour processional air. . […]

Poem: Clear View Mirror.

Clear View Mirror. . . He has been dead for many years, She has  understood too late. No-one told her the results of her actions But mainly it seemed that she never listened. She is really listening now But there is no-one speaking. . .

BPoMD 92 . Wet.

Wet. . . It may be pouring But it raises a smile To see the hanging baskets Trembling in the rain . .