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October 2010

BPoMD 75: Bluer than Blue Dream.

Bluer Than Blue Dream. . . Thigh high boots Are the stuff of dreams, Especially when Donald Sutherland Is prancing about in them .

Good Clothes And Bad Television.

Hi. . Middle of the week …excellent! . The weather has picked up a bit now, and it is about time too after all the rain. Yesterday started heavy and grey, but by teatime we had pale blue sky and lukewarm sunshine. As we had to go into town for Big H to have an […]

Poem: Staffordshire Flatbacks.

Staffordshire Flatbacks. . . Two white china dogs Not a pair, but nearly, Sitting there as they always do Staring at one corner of the room . .

How To Get A Bespoke Suit For Peanuts.

Hey, . Greetings upon a fine Tuesday. Hey, come on, it has to be a fine Tuesday because however bad it is it has to be better than the alternative! . And clothes are an important way to improve your enjoyment of the day too. It makes you feel better on the outside, which then […]

BPoMD 74: Five Percent Shrinkage.

Five Percent Shrinkage. . . The entirely mad enthusiasm That suddenly grips At the prospect of a long walk In a world of pouring rain . .

Poem: Flim Flam Man.

Flim Flam Man. . . But you are the flim flam man you come from Aberdeen you tell me you are serious but I don’t know where you’ve been. You’re always saying one thing while there’s hints of quite another, I wouldn’t trust you with my friends on even with my brother. There’s something not […]

Jacinto Zarabata’s Visit To London.

Hi, . I hope that you had an excellent weekend. We had a very, very damp one here because it never stopped raining at all. I am surprised that we are not all tiny from shrinkage after being soaking wet so often, I mean if you waited for it to actually stop before you went […]

BPoMD 73: After the Rains.

After the Rains. . . How exhilarating to stand Upon a wind lashed bridge Watching the frenzied rush Of swollen red-brown waters . .

X Factor With Videos: Final 12 Are Chosen For 2010.

Hi, . Well, it is that time again, when we find out who will be chosen by their mentors, to fight out the final stages of X factor. Only 12 will be lucky tonight. If you want to see the performances that last night’s 32 wannabees are being judged on then just to that last […]

Poem: Still Doing It.

. Still Doing It. . . Here she walks, in the same place That she walked in years ago Doing all the things That matter in a secret life. Now, passing through a storm Of familiar memories, Are the both of them still here Walking through their two selves. . .