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October 2010

BPoMD 72: Bliss.

Bliss. . . Sliding into a heated, Freshly changed bed, With nothing else to do But snuggle down and sleep. . .

X Factor With Videos: Judges’ Houses 2010.With 32 Would-Be Finalists

Hi, . Saturday night’s X Factor covered the first part of the judges’ houses section. . There were 32 would-be finalists giving their all, with varying degrees of success. All 32 finalists desperately hoping that they will be amongst the lucky twelve to be chosen for the final stages of the contest, wanting to keep […]

One For All You History Anoraks.

Hi, . I forgot to tell you. Just a quick one, if you are interested in English history . . Ther is a marvellous series which has just begun on the BBC. It is Michael Wood’s  Story Of England, which is a series of programmes telling the story of a place called Kibworth, which is […]

Back From The Dead.

Hi Folks, . I seem to be developing a habit. Luckily for me it is a not a serious one, because it consists of me of fabulous TV programmes you may have missed, because you are too busy going out and having fun! Obviously, I am not! . Did you miss the Horizon programme shown […]

BPoMD 71: End Of day.

End Of Day. . . Sitting on a windowsill Watching pale pink clouds Slowly change their colour As the sun goes down . .

New Hope For UK Cancer Patients.

Hi Peeps, . There have been new developments afoot in the level of available to NHS patients in the UK. . Proton Therapy is a form of cancer treatment that will burn the tumours away while doing less damage to the healthy surrounding tissues than the other forms of radiotherapy can cause. This new form […]

Poem: I Shall Miss Mike.

I Shall Miss Mike. . . I have just been attending The funeral of a friend, Looking exceedingly appropriate Dressed in the blackest of black From head to booted foot. The fact that I wear black every day Does not make my sorrow any the less Because the whole tone of every day Will be […]

Poem: Green Shoots.

Green Shoots. . My link to you Was burned down long ago, But now I feel regret For setting fires. Although it may well prove That I don’t have the tools, My time will well be spent Rebuilding bridges. . .

A Sad Thursday.

Hi There, . What a sad day it was for us yesterday. One of our friends died last week from , after a short illness, and it was finally in the morning. It’s weird how it somehow seems irretrievably real at that point, even though it has been an actual fact for some days before. […]

BPoMD 70: Food Porn.

Food Porn. . . My lap is filled with cookery books As I leaf through the recipes, Enjoying the pictures of dishes That I could never be bothered to cook. . .