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October 2010

Michael Jackson Has Beaten Elvis.

Hi, . Well, people are always saying that they are worked to death, but how about earning a very cool £174m in just one year, after you are actually dead. . Such is the fascination with Michael Jackson that he earned more money this year than the combined income of Jay-Z, Lady Gaga and Madonna […]

Poem: That Fucking Woodpecker.

That Fucking Woodpecker. . . That fucking woodpecker Lives up our lane That fucking woodpecker Gives me a pain Thank fuck that woodpecker’s Stopped raising cain Oh fuck, that woodpecker’s Started again . .

Sex And Sexual Desire.

Hey, . Today I thought that we should liven up our Wednesday with . Well, not literally in my case because we are spending our day having hospital tests, but I cannot speak for all of ! . In Detroit, Dr Michael Diamond and his team at Wayne State University have been doing research into […]

BPoMD 91: Just Look.

Just Look. . . Upon the purple Buddlia Lie opened butterflies Like Faberge jewels Upon a royal bed . .


Hi, . Well, I hope all is normal with yourself and that nothing changes with the advent of the next full moon. . Last night was a cold and murky one, which was just right for Big H and I to watch the latest film that we downloaded on the XBox. It was ‘The Wolfman’, […]

BPoMD 90. Fall.

Fall. . . How beautiful The changing trees are, Almost, but not quite, Worth the winter. . .

Haiku: His Master’s Voice.

His Master’s Voice. . . When the mobile calls We all rush to answer it – Just like Pavlov’s dogs . .

Extra Songs From Matt Cardle.

Hi Peeps, . Well, it seems that everyone is agreeing with of Matt Cardle being the most likely act to win this year’s X Factor competition. . He just keeps turning out excellent original performances every week. . I have been checking up a bit on him and found out that he was with a […]

BPoMD 89: An Inspired Purchase.

An Inspired Purchase. . . Leopardskin boots Peeping from blue jeans Each time I put My best foot forwards . .

Haiku: Imprint.

Imprint. . . A private screening – We see pictures we carry Even with eyes closed. . .