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October 2010

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 3 Results On 24th October 2010.

Hi Peeps, . Well, who will be sent home tonight. Remember that it has been decided that only one act will go. . Although Wagner has been seen today wearing a ‘Vote Rebecca’ t-shirt, because last night’s reaction to his performance has obviously made him think that he will be the next to go….it might […]

Hotels Are Unsafe Now.

Hi, . This  is not really a subject that I am happy with because I totally hate the thought of blood sucking creepie-crawlies, but unfortunately this subject is such a relevant one nowadays. Especially if you like spending time in hotels….and this includes the very best ones too. Especially if you like holidaying in America. […]

Haiku: Life.

Life. . . We see only clips No matter how hard we look – Life is a peep show . .

BPoMD 88: A Timely Reminder.

A Timely Reminder. . . It was a buzz To open up the computer And find a letter From an old friend in France Extolling the many benefits To be obtained from eating honey . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 3 On October 23rd 2010.

Hi Folks, . Oh my, Oh my, what a week it has been in ‘X-Factorland’ . Wagner has reportedly moved out of the house to stay in a hotel because he said the house ‘smelled funny’ and he complained about everyone else’s behaviour too. . There were rumours that Matt Cardle and Katie Waissel had […]

Any Room In Your Home For A Little One?

Hi, . I was talking to an old lady yesterday, who was buying food and toys for a cat she was about to bring home from a local cat rescue charity. She was so totally excited and thrilled to take a previously badly treated cat, and then  begin to make a wonderful life for it, […]

BPoMD 88: In The Moment.

In The Moment. . . Sometimes imagining A wonderful thing Is almost as good As having it happen . .

Haiku: Lost.

Lost. . . Lost in the darkness Is somewhere that you can be – On a sunny day . .

BPoMD 87: Looking For Eric.

Looking For Eric. . . Watching a brilliant film That made me laugh so much I was still smiling On my way to bed . . .Link to , with video film trailer.

The Dogon Mystery.

Hi, . Have you read about Sirius, the dog star, which is almost nine light years away from the Earth. . It is only relatively recently that we have been able to discover anything much about it, because we had to wait for the science to evolve, in order for discoveries to be made possible. […]