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October 2010

Haiku: High Society.

High Society. . . Such a hulking man – With his little finger raised To hold a mobile. . .

Update.Woman Who Dumped Cat In Wheelie Bin..

Hey, . Just to update you on the cat that was dumped in a wheelie bin for 15 hours by a passing woman. . The cat, Lola, is now fine after her long ordeal in the dark. Mary Bale, 45, who had been arrested after a CCTV camera showed her stroking the cat before suddenly […]

Looking For Eric Cantona.

Greetings. . Nearly the weekend now, not far to go. Have faith, you can get there! . The weather was good yesterday, being clear and coldly sunny. We decided to make a quick trip to for a meal of fish, chips, and mushy peas, followed by a walk down by the sea. My goodness it […]

Poem:Those Particular Days.

Those Particular days. . . Some days it just just happens, Sometimes your sweater Is on the right way Sometimes it is inside out. All you can actually hope Is that on the days it goes awry You are wearing something With a very good designer label. . .

Haiku: Bare.

Bare. . . Spread bright at my feet – Carpets of copper and gold From newly shy trees . .

Winner Claims £113m Jackpot. Update.

Hi. . Just a quick one to let you know that you can now stop searching, the £113m jackpot has now been claimed, verified and paid out by Camelot. . On Tuesday, an old couple in their 70’s came forward and said that they had lost the winning lottery ticket. They lady stated that she […]

BPoMD 86: At Noon.

At Noon. . Fine dust rises Powdered in the air As we walk the path That leads to the riverside . .

Life Has Many Surprises.

Hi, . How are you today. I hope that your week is progressing well. . It was raining (big surprise!) yesterday, so I was spending a lot of time reading. Eventually I came across the intriguing story of a lady called Jill Hawkins, who is unmarried, but loves being pregnant. She is 45, and has […]

BPoMD 85: Brekkie.

Brekkie. . . Using my spoon To smack the top Of a perfect Four minute egg . .

Haiku: Visiting.

Visiting. . . The quiet churchyard – Drying flowers upon the grass In sweet remembrance . .