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October 2010

Are You Sitting Comfortably, Then I’ll Begin.

🙂 Hi, Just though that I would show off and start your day with a smile ‘cos I only learned how to do that yesterday. Hey, come on, it is better late than never. Remember we are talking here! . I am afraid that winter is still a’comin in here….with a vengeance. It feels cold […]

Haiku: Swan.

Swan. . . An avian king – Regally turning his head To watch me pass by . .

BPoMD 84: Perfect Timing.

Perfect Timing. . . Having an enjoyable Walk in the country And getting back home again Just as the rain begins . .

Tooo Famous To Take The Bus!

Hello, . How are you today. Were you ‘up and at ’em’ in time or were you sooo late that you missed your bus to work and had to run so fast that you were . . Now you may be annoyed about that, and it can be embarrassing to be caught trying to sneak […]

Poem: Dance With Me.

Dance With Me. . . Sitting alone on the patio Sipping a glass of wine ‘Til a black and white cat Appeared on the wall, Keeping the beat with his tail Like a dapper Fred Astaire. . .

Haiku: Lilies.

Lilies. . . Quiet white lilies – Lighting up a dark corner With their afterglow. . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 2 Results On October 17th 2010.

Hi There’ . More troubles in ‘X Factor-Land’ this weekend. . It seems that last weekend on the TV3 Irish television channel, Tesco screened an advert to say ‘We’re behind Mary’. If you remember, Mary has worked behind one of their tills for years . Well, it seems that Tesco has now sent about 300,000 […]

Poem: Coda.

Coda. . . How strange it is To be leaving you. How hard to accept That our play has closed To poor reviews And lack of interest. I never thought to go, But I hear the door Swinging closed behind me With a final solid thunk. . . . .

Haiku: Autumn Falls.

Autumn Falls. . . Fast dropping petals Making patterns on the ground Like cast confetti . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 2 On October 16th 2010.

Hi, . So here we all are again, no limit to the excitement. . Which two will be sent home this time, and who will be left to keep reaching for the chance to be a star. There have been newspaper reports about the bad behaviour and tantrums of Cher Lloyd and Katie Waissel, with […]