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October 2010

Haiku: Seasons.

Seasons. . . There is no way home – Once the direction is set Once the path taken . .

Toilet Rolls Are The New Newspaper.

Hello, . So it is Wednesday, or as some of you Canadians out there would say, it’s . . When I awoke this morning, I found myself to be unwilling to actually leave my deliciously warm bed, although I was not sleepy at all. It is most definitely Winter again, and the older I get, […]

Haiku: Bedsit.

Bedsit. . . This abandoned bed – Ridged like melting snow Reeking of old sex. . .

Psst!…Do You Want To Buy ‘The Mull Of Kintyre’?

Hi, . Just a quick one for you. . Were you a fan of Wings? . Were you one of the thousands of fans who bought one of the 2,000,000 copies of Paul McCartney’s hit song ‘Mull Of Kintyre’ which were sold in the UK. Did the swirling of the bagpipes bring out something mystical […]

BPoMD 80: So Smooth.

So Smooth. . . Shooting off in the car To keep a hospital appointment, Only to end up stuck In a bloody traffic jam. How wonderful to reach A crowded car park With only minutes to spare, to find An empty place appear as if by magic. . .

Headmaster Eats A Tarantula.

Hi, . We have a damp morning here today, but we are getting used to it now, so that’s OK. If we cannot go out so much in such weather, there is always tropical stuff to watch on the television…or a good book to get totally lost in. . Things can be weird though, have […]

Haiku: Petals Fall.

Petals Fall. . . Be like a flower – Blooming as the seasons turn Content in the day. . .

BPoMD 79: Ducking And Diving.

Ducking And Diving. . So many little ducks Racing at the edge of the water Disappearing for long seconds Beneath the weir swell . .

Haiku: Just Take Five.

Just Take Five. . . Lying on the grass – So what is there about clouds That brings these daydreams. . .

From Big H To Russell Watson.

Good Morning, . I hope that you have just enjoyed a good, if not spectacular weekend off work. . As is usual theses days, we have had a very quiet one here, with two small walks, which made a pleasant change. One of the walks took place on Saturday night at about 1am, when everything […]