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October 2010

Haiku: Jingle.

Jingle. . . Silver bracelets – Constant accompaniment To a quiet life. . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 1 Results On 10th October 2010.

Hi Folks, . So, who went. Remember two go tonight, because of the addition of the wildcards in . . The show opened with all of the contestants joining together to sing. Rhythm Of The Night. . . Boring, boring, boring. . Then it was time for the first guest, Usher, to sing. . . […]

BPoMD 81: Old Time Tastes.

Old Time tastes. . . Having thick buttered toast And fresh comb honey With cinnamon powder Scattered upon it For the first time Since I was a child . .

BPoMD 78: All Fur Coat.

All Fur Coat. . . When the room grew chill I was fascinated to feel All the hairs on my arms Slowly stand up straight . .

Haiku: Bad Form.

Bad Form. . . No thank you notes here – Nature invited us to dine As her honoured guests. . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 1 On 9th October 2010.

Hi Fellow Addicts, . And so the contest gets rolling properly tonight. Who will shine and grow and who will crumble and fall. Who will engage the public and who will not please them however good they may be! . There is also a new twist to the competition tonight because each judge has been […]

Haiku: Fair Warning.

Fair Warning. . . Such fine enchantment In a red Hawaiian shirt Can be seen coming. . .

Haiku: Prayer.

Prayer. . . Weighted quietude – Each sense, aware, of how thick This very air. . .

Haiku: Youth.

Youth. . . This is such a time – When it is possible to Drink the morning  dew. . .

Haiku: Old Age.

Old Age. . . Do not think to stop – The end will wait for you The journey is all. . .