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October 2010

Haiku: Leaving.

Leaving. . . It is precious – Birds call the season’s song While saying goodbye. . .

Haiku: Little Bird.

Little Bird. . . Pretty little bird – You are afraid to come near But hunger is strong. . .

On E Mails, Supermarket Tabloids And A Burned Dog

Hi, I have just received an e-mail from a friend in France. It is about the benefits of honey, which it would appear, can reverse the results of ageing such as deafness, baldness, acne, obesity and hardened arteries etc. etc. etc. . This is sad in a way because it means that, quite unlike the […]

Poem: Jackaroo Days.

Jackaroo Days. . . We lay in poppy fields Watched by idle, spotted cattle. Roaming the range of our imagination And finding it good. . .

Lots And Lots Of Furry Stuff Here.

Hello, . Many people now keep a dog or cat in their homes. Some people may even have the permanent company of two or three furry creatures…and sometimes they complain about the hair that they have to hoover up and , the vet’s fees and the general heavy responsibility for their pets. There is also […]

Poem: Reopen For Business.

Reopen For Business. . . I put razor wire Around my heart, I locked it up And threw away the key. I had no thought To ever love again But you turned out to be An excellent locksmith. . .

Mangold-Wurzels Matter!

Hellooo, . How are you today….perhaps, as it is Friday, you are feeling good. Hopefully you have the weekend off, to spend in whatever way pleases you best. . We do not have any particular plans, as big H is very tired at the moment, but ! . We both got up at the same […]

BPoMD 77: A Pale Dawn.

A Pale Dawn. . . It is a pale dawn today Faded out by soft mists, Almost like a dress rehearsal For the real thing. . .

Barking Up The Right Tree.

Hi Peeps, . Well, after so many about the abysmal way that we are caring for, and abusing, this utterly lovely planet of ours, there is actually some very encouraging news to pass along. . The UK has more woodlands now than it has had in the past 250 years. Not since the 1750’s has […]

BPoMD 76: OK Now.

OK Now. . . How wonderful to meet a friend Who’s been going through it And have them tell you That ‘everything’s gonna be allright’ . .