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November 2010

A £200m Michelangelo Found Behind A Settee.

hello, . How goes it with you. We are OK here but the nights are drawing in now and it is both wet and cold. Hard to believe that we actually had some really hot tropical days last summer, thank god for . . Not much is happening here due to Big H’s lack of […]

Video: Jay Kay Got Headbutted Last Time He Annoyed Someone!

Hey, . With reference to my last post about Jay Kay annoying the X Factor judges on Sunday by about Danni Minogue and Cheryl Cole . It would seem that he does have somewhat of a reputation for being obnoxious. . This is a video of him being verbal with some reporters after the Star […]

No Ovation For Jamiroquai? X Factor Puzzle Answered.

Hi, . So , the answer to one of the great questions of our time….well, of Sunday 31st of October anyway. . In last night’s post I commented that the X Factor panellists had been extremely rude when they pointedly did not give Jamiroquai the usual standing ovation after their excellent guest performance in yesterday’s […]

The Book Of Lost Things.

Hello, . I hope that you are well today. I hope that you are going through one of life’s wonderful highs, and not having to cope with a  disheartening low period. . Life is funny isn’t it. It always seems simpler when you are a child, because it is all very black and white from […]

Poem: Ghosts Of The Past.

Ghosts Of The Past. . . To still see the vestiges Of a once complete orchard In the odd lonely apple tree Amongst all of the new-build . .

Poem: In That Place.

In That Place. . . Those who have gone before, We will eventually see again In a land beyond the linits Of all that is not in dreams . .