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November 2010

This Act Is Not Possible.

. Just a quick one…. Here I was thinking that I was really achieving something because I am persuading myself to do my Yoga everyday. I mean, how fit must I be getting now. . OMG, I have just realised what fit is after watching this incredible feat on the America’s Got Talent show. Although […]

Poem: What’s That.

What’s That. . . Poor little bird’s egg In a flash of pretty blue Down upon the garden path Lying smashed in two. . .

Poem: Snow.

Snow. . . How nice to watch snowflakes Flying past the bathroom window, From the comfort of a hot bath And a cold glass of wine. . .

Strange Thoughts.

Hi, . Further update about the . It is going to be held sometime in April 2011 I believe….possibly the 28th. So, obviously they don’t have to save up first then! Nice work if you can get it. . Now, if you have read David Icke’s you will know that in his opinion the world […]

Gagging For It.

Hello Peeps, . This is one for everybody who has an interest in the size of womens’ breasts. . It may indeed be of news of great moment to who hail from Southampton too. . In actual fact there is a serious side to this post as well, because it not only concerns the small […]

Poem: Pet.

Pet. . . Poor tortoise, Inching along The dusty gutter By the roadside, Far from home And totally lost. . .

The Clock Is Ticking.

Hi People, . Oh My….Oh My! This morning I have woken up to find myself in the middle of a christmas card. It is a complete whiteout. There are inches of snow on everything, and the world has been transformed into a Narnia wonderland, even though I have been nowhere near a wardrobe! Exquisite. . […]

Poem: Lost And Found.

Lost And Found. . . There are so many Desperately sad notices In the various windows Of neighbourhood shops, Most of them seeming To need some word Regarding the whereabouts Of their own particular Fluffy, With it’s own distinctive fur And a friendly nature. . .

Say ‘No’ To Sagging Jowls.

Hi, . It’s another cold and grey day here again…surprise surprise. Hopefully some of you are lounging about in warming sunshine admiring cloudless blue skies and smelling blooming flowers….it’s filthy work but someone has to do it. . I should be this morning before writing my blog, but I am still very stiff today and […]

BPoMD 105. Instant Gratification.

Instant Gratification. . . Such a thirst on me That I poured a pint Of fresh, ice-cold water, And downed it in one. . .