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November 2010

Haiku: Fortune.

Fortune . . If fate should fix you With her placid whirlwind eye – The tower may fall . .

Haiku: Out Of Time.

Out Of Time. . . In the hospital – Time moves lethargically Like a slow drip feed . .

Revisit Kylie Minogue And Spencer Tunick.

Hello’ . It’s being rubbishy, grey and extremely wet most of the time here now. Not to mention it being cold too! . So, spending a little more time indoors led me to revisit one of Kylie’s videos. It is about five months now since I last saw it so perhaps a trip down memory […]

Poem: Cows.

Cows. . . Is anything worth it, Does it all make a difference, Is not the way to look at it. Cows don’t ask these questions But they look wonderful in a field, They enjoy the tearing of the grass, And as far as meat eaters are concerned Life would not be worth living Without […]

Poem: Reading.

Reading. . . What meaning do you find In the runes of your life. Do you read the signs That are thrown before you Or are you happy to believe What you read in the press, Accepting the decisions Of the various editors With their own viewpoints As to what is excellent. . .

Haiku: Sorrow.

Sorrow. . . Though a heart may break – Worlds will continue turning To ancient music. . .

Black Friday Bonanza.

Hi, . So today is the start of a Black Friday shopping bonanza at Amazon.co.uk. It begins today and continues up until next Friday…or should I say Black Friday. . According to the Amazon site, this week of reductions includes up to 60 or 70% off lots of fabulous items which would be wonderful for […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 7 Results On 21st November 2010.

Hello Fellow X Factor Watchers, . Here we go again. . There are still many different reports about the X Factor contestants and their various statements and quarrels etc. Strangely enough the latest, and weirdest, one going the rounds is not about the contestants as much as it is about the grandmother of one contestant […]

Tweeting In The Classroom.

Hi, . Happy Sunday….well, at least I hope it is. . Isn’t it amazing how quickly Tweeting has become a solid part of modern everyday life. . And isn’t it amazing how it has become useful in unexpected ways. For instance, helping in education. . Many schools are finding that it is helping their pupils […]

Poem: Newcastle Station.

Newcastle Station. . . That station platform Was a place of rare excitement. Standing there as a small child Beside cardboard suitcases, Fired beyond excitement By the promise of a holiday. . .