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November 2010

BPoMD 104: Snack.

Snack. . . It’s not fine dining, But oatmeal biscuits With Feta cheese, Vine tomatoes And a nice cuppa, Just does me proud. . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 7 On 20th November.

Hi, . My, what a week it has been in ‘X Factorland,’ since last Sunday’s show. . On-line comments on Katie are getting quite murderous by all accounts. . Matt Cardle has seemingly said that Simon Cowell rejected Aiden only because Katue Waissel causes so many press reports, and such general consternation, that she gets […]

Putting A Roman Candle Where The Sun Don’t Shine.

Hi, . It’s and I think that you should start off the weekend with a thoroughly silly thing. . In Germany there is a show called Das Supertalent. It is a sort of German version of our Britain’s Got Talent show. . Now, there are many people who enter these talent shows because they want […]

Poem: Wondering.

Wondering. . . Does this room of memories Still exist when I leave it Or does it only wake When I breathe within it’s walls. . .

Haiku: Artwork.

Artwork. . . Fast watercolour – Crimson leaves bleed out like paint On a dampened sky. . .

Unmissable. Love Me Love My Face.

Good Morning Peeps, . Welcome to , and the promise of the weekend ahead. . Yesterday was slightly different from the usual one we have. Big H was not very well and had to spend the day in bed, so did not end up going out with his friend as is usual on a Thursday. […]

Poem: Spoonface.

Spoonface. . . Seeing yourself in a spoon Is like seeing a secret you, One who is just under the surface And can always make you smile. . .

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows In Cinemas Tomorrow..

So, . Here we finally are. . Tomorrow the next long awaited Harry Potter film opens in a cinema near to you. I don’t know what you are going to do, but Big H and I are going to go and see it. . It is time for a little more magic in our lives. […]

Poem: Looking Back On It.

Looking back On it. . . It’s funny when You look back on it all, How many things that seemed To be a disaster at the time Could not matter less now. Yet how many little things Shine out like tiny pearls Against the general detritus Of a messy kind of life. It’s all those […]

Joe Louis: American Legend.

Hi, . Today I am remembering the amazing Joe Louis. Some people are born to do one thing with true genius, some to be , philosophers or and some to be . There must be some people born to be the most amazing and ever, but they may be born where they never ever see […]