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November 2010

Poem: Since then.

Since then. . . It’s a bit like an itch Or perhaps a heat rash, Something best left alone But irresistible to scratch. I said I didn’t care When you wanted to leave, Told myself I could have fun And so I have done regularly. There have been a lot of men Under the bridge […]

BPoMD 103: Just Like It Says On The Box.

Just Like It Says On The Box. . . You see the advert You buy the product And isn’t it bloody great When it actually does work . .

I Will Be A Good Girl.

Hi, . What a spooky morning we have here. Everything is a shade of grey, with a sky, all very opalescent and glowing. Then just the sheerest hint of mist over everything. Almost like an art study of a morning instead of a happening one, if that makes any sense at all! . . for […]

Prince William Is Now Engaged To Kate Middleton.

Well, well, well, . Get ready to buy the obligatory mugs, tea towels and wall-hanging picture plates. . Prince William, second in line to the throne, has finally popped the question. . Clarence House made a formal announcement today that the prince is now engaged to the ever-patient Kate Middleton and that they plan to […]

Haiku: Fog.

Fog. . . This foggy morning – Hanging lightly on the day Like a fine gauze veil . .

Iain Glen Rocks.

Hi and a good morning to you, . We are on to now….so the week is moving on. . I hope that yesterday went well for you. I had a good evening last night myself, I really enjoyed it. . As we were not doing anything much we decided to watch a film that I […]

BPoMD 102: Ahhhh.

Ahhhh. . . A day of hoovering Dusting and cleaning Just takes the biscuit, But the bit at the end, With a cuppa, and my feet up, Had real and heartfelt meaning. . .

James Blunt Saves The World!

Hey, . Did you know that James Blunt is really Superman. He actually saved the world! . It was reported in The Times, at the weekend, that he used to hold the rank of a Captain in the Lifeguards and told his story of helping to avert an international incident . It appears that in […]

Katie Waissel May Still Have To Leave X Factor.

Hi, . More news in ‘X Factorland’. . Poor, unappreciated Aiden Grimshaw seems to be coping OK with his having to leave the show yesterday. He did the obligatory morning television show and commented that that is how it goes. I still don’t know what happened with the voting public, but he still may manage […]

Can You ‘Taak Geordie’.

Hey, . Well here we are, beginning to eat into yet one more week. OK, it is a , but it will only last for a day! . It is nice to start the week with a smile though. . Although I was born a Geordie, and have lived in the area for most of […]