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December 2010

The Last Post Of 2010.

Greetings People, . Sorry that my postings have been a little irregular over the past few days, but I have had problems with broadband reception. . I also have a lot of travelling around and happenings to enjoy because of the Christmas and New Year festive season and Big H’s improved health….so I am going […]

Poem: I Just Love You.

I Just Love You. . . I love you In that green jumper. I love you On a bad day. I love you On the morning after I loved you The day before. . .

Poem: Set Script.

Set Script. . . How I envy a flower That lives it’s perfect life From the second before, Until that last petal falls In the correct and proper way. No worries there of purpose, No need to ponder on the length Of open time on summer days, For every second follows to a plan Except […]

Oh No, Not Again.

Hey folks, . Well, I awoke this morning and eventually opened my eyes to a somewhat changed light coming into the bedroom. I lay there for a while, not wanting to believe my suspicions were correct. Then a car passed by, making a certain sound, and I knew they were. . I arose and went […]

Poem: Blink.

Blink. . . If I should blink out Like a switched-off light Would there be a difference To anyone else’s illumination. . .

Bloody Fibbers!

Hi and Good Morning, . Whoah….it is now getting again, as the weather forecasters predicted. How inconvenient, we shall all be snowed in for Christmas at this rate because everything will stop again and the whole country will be in chaos once more. It is amazing really that it always happens here, no matter how […]

Poem: Possible Value.

Possible Value. . . It may be Ditchfield glass, Said the woman in the antique shop When I picked up the little vase Of peacock blue and gold. It looks so beautiful at my window, And gives me such pleasure By it’s presence in my day, That I could not care who created it. . […]

A Fine Idea.

Good morning Peeps, . I wish you fun on this fine , . Well, it is actually coldish, wettish and greyish once again….but not minus 20…. so that is an improvement. I keep a ‘weather eye’ out for any changes, because the bad weather is forecast to start again very soon, but as yet we […]

Haiku: Goodbye.

Goodbye. . . The wound of you gone, Although metaphysical, Just keeps on bleeding. . .

So Now X Factor Is Over.

Hey Folks, . So now X Factor is over for one more year. Although Matt Cardle will receive a £1m recording contract,  there is only one real winner here, and that is the talented Mr. Simon Cowell. . It has been estimated that 2o+ million of us watched the show last night….and have paid an […]