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Katie Waissel May Still Have To Leave X Factor.

Hi, . More news in ‘X Factorland’. . Poor, unappreciated Aiden Grimshaw seems to be coping OK with his having to leave the show yesterday. He did the obligatory morning television show and commented that that is how it goes. I still don’t know what happened with the voting public, but he still may manage […]

Can You ‘Taak Geordie’.

Hey, . Well here we are, beginning to eat into yet one more week. OK, it is a , but it will only last for a day! . It is nice to start the week with a smile though. . Although I was born a Geordie, and have lived in the area for most of […]

Haiku: A Work Of Art.

A Work Of Art. . . It is delicate – A web that stretches across From clock to candle. . .

BPoMD 101: Pumpkin Time.

Pumpkin Time. . . To be snugly in bed At the very last moment As the clock strikes twelve To end the day . .

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 6 Results On 14th November 2010.

Hi, . So here we go. Votes are in and somebody goes home with their dreams in tatters. . Who will it be?. Let’s find out. . First we had the finalists singing together…Can’t Stop Moving. . . . There were three guest acts tonight. 1. JLS. . . 2. Westlife. . . . .3. […]

Haiku: Old Peoples’ Bungalows.

Old Peoples’ Bungalows. . . Such little houses – Made to fit the retirement Of newly shrunk folk. . .

Morning Call.

Hi, . Here I am, up again . Normally, when it is so totally I try to stay in bed a bit longer if I can, but I had no chance this morning. The birds decided to make such an amazing cacophony of sound, for so long, that I was amazed by it. It sounded […]

X Factor With Videos: Live Show 6 On 13th November.

Hey, . Greetings. It has been a hectic week since last Saturday’s results show, what with calls to have Cheryl sacked, talk of rehearsed charades taking place instead of real viewer voting and the ejected Treyc having three times as many viewer votes as the ‘saved’ Katie….. to relevant post. . It also seems that […]

Old Vase Found In Pinner Semi Is Worth Over £50m.

Hi, . You remember my telling you to look in your attic. . Well, it has happened again. . Another amazing amount of money for something found lying around in someone’s house. Just a 16″ vase with a couple of fish on it, which was kept for many years on top of a shaky bookcase. […]

BPoMD 100. Oh Bliss, Oh Poop.

Oh Bliss, Oh Poop. . . The top is down, The sun is shining, The wind is tousling my hair Like a playful lover . .