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X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 10 Grand Final. 12th December 2010.

Hi, . So, tonight we find out who will win X Factor….Matt, Rebecca or One Direction. . I’ll bet they have terrible nerves at this point. . To begin…. 1. the X Factor finalists sang together with Take That. . . 2. Matt Cardle. . . Louie said that after 17 years, this was his […]

Shocking Behaviour.

Hi, . This is a quick one. . This video is really shocking. . But it was caught on camera. . . . .

X Factor With Video. Live Show 10 Finals. 11th December 2010.

Hey People, . So we have eventually got here. The Finals. . Apparently reports say that last week’s controversial loser, Mary Byrne, has already been signed to Sony and preparations are being made for them to release an album in 2011. There have also been rumours that Simon is going to sign up all four […]

Oversight In Jude Law Film.

Hey, . Finally we have a thaw. The icicles were dripping like mad yesterday and snow was thudding down off the roofs. . The roads are mostly clear enough to be no problem, except for the less used back streets. We went to check on the car again and were at last able to move […]

Poem: Mote.

Mote. . . He floats in the mind’s eye Forgotten but always possible For suddenly the focus shifts And his face is shockingly clear. . .

I Want It Every Morning.

Hi, . This is for those of you who are like myself…Toast Lovers! . I now….I know….it is pig-headed of me to keep consuming wheat…but I love toast. And anyway, I am sure that the wheat is slowly improving, I think I look pregnant much less often nowadays. Anyway, my wintry clothes are so layered […]

Haiku: Treasure.

Treasure. . . Not just a puddle – It reflects the sky above Like a silver coin. . .

The Boy Who Could See With No Eyes.

Hi, . While I was looking at to help the totally blind to see, I found many things of interest. . During my search I learned about a boy called Ben Underwood, who had his eyes removed because of cancer when he was only three years old. . He had somehow learned to use a […]

Poem: Flicker.

Flicker. . . Sometimes I like Candlelight. Life can be harsh And we all need A little softness Around the edges. . .

Haiku: My Place.

My Place. . . If I were with you- Even a map to Xanadu Would not divert me. . .