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BPoMD 83: Small Child.

Small Child. . . Well remembered emotions, To have a child’s tiny hand Placed unhesitatingly in mine With such an innocent trust. . .

BPoMD 82: Obviously A Convoluted Plot.

Obviously A Convoluted Plot. . . I substituted the book Waiting on Big H’s  pillow With a similar looking book, Opened at about the same place, And he just read it ’til he went to sleep I couldn’t stop laughing . .

From A Harry Potter Viewpoint.

Hi Folks, . Well, I don’t have a long time to spare today because it is at the hospital. Whoooaaaah! . I got up early because I hate to be involved in a last minute rush. Over the years I have found that even if you plan something like clockwork, it takes only a tiny […]

Haiku: A Moonlit Street.

A Moonlit Street. . . A lighted stage set – Crisp and totally unreal Waiting for ‘Action’. . .

As Yet Unclaimed £113m EuroMillions Jackpot.

Hi, . Did you buy a lottery ticket for Friday night’s EuroMillions draw? . Have you checked it out. . Have you put it somewhere and cannot be bothered to find it ‘cos you never actually win anything anyway! . Well, this time the jackpot is a tidy £113m ….this being the largest win in […]

Hobbits Are Approaching Your Nearest Cinema Soon.

Hi, . Did you know that the last ‘The Pirates Of The Caribbean’ film, starring , was the most expensive film ever made. . It was completed at a huge cost at the time but it will soon be taken over by one of the newest films to go into production. . This will be […]

Haiku: Blessing.

Blessing. . . This votive candle – Does it’s gentle light reach out To another place . .

O.M.G. Extreme Sport.

Hi Peeps, . This is another of my quick ones about . . I don’t know why I watched this one because it made me feel quite upset. . . As you know, I am a great fan of paddling at the edge of a placid sea….but this….this is unbelievable. It is hard to believe […]

Haiku: Seasons.

Seasons. . . There is no way home – Once the direction is set Once the path taken . .

Toilet Rolls Are The New Newspaper.

Hello, . So it is Wednesday, or as some of you Canadians out there would say, it’s . . When I awoke this morning, I found myself to be unwilling to actually leave my deliciously warm bed, although I was not sleepy at all. It is most definitely Winter again, and the older I get, […]