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More Innovations To help The Blind To See.

Hi, . More excellent for some of those who are presently blind. . And excellent news for the policeman, David Rathband, 42, who was blinded when he came across Raoul Moat during his rampage across the North-East in July. If you remember, he was hit in the face with a direct shotgun blast. Unfortunately his […]

Apology To Those Of You Receiving Feeds.

Hi, Direct Feed Straight To Your ‘Blog Page/Inbox’ Type People, . This morning I was fine tuning something I did not like in my post, by doing an update on a just published post. . Big H asked what I was doing. . When I told him, he said that I should be careful because […]

James Naughtie….Was!! Jeremy Hunt Name Slip-Up On BBC Radio 4!

Hey, . Well, I don’t know if you heard James Naughtie make a mistake on the programme while talking about Jeremy Hunt. The hapless fellow managed to put a.. C.. where the.. H.. should be. He then seems to giggle, before proceeding to give the rest of the news, which is full of nervous coughing […]

I Felt Like A Polar Explorer.

Hello., And a happy to you, . Nothing much has changed up here, we are still freezing cold, with piles of frozen snow all over the place. . Yesterday Big H thought that we should go and see how our little car was coping with the extreme snowfall over the past week or so. . […]

Haiku: Old Friend.

Old Friend. . . I smell the cold sea – Flirting with me on the wind, Inviting me home. . .

Complaints Of Vote-Fixing At X Factor Semi-Finals.

Oh My, . Press reports of problems again in X Factorland. This is because of the sudden sing-off, which took place in last night’s semi final, between Cher Lloyd and Mary Byrne. I don’t think this has happened before in the history of the show, because usually the voters are in control at that point. […]

Poem: You Have Mail.

You Have Mail. . . The bottle rocks Upon the tidal edge Of sodden sand, Seemingly urgent. Upon inspection It seems to be empty, Yet completely stoppered. What purpose then This act of keeping in, Unless it holds one breath. . .

How To Handle Balls.

Hello, . Basically this post is a basic follow-on from my ” post. . This video is of an 11 year old boy in America who is displaying an unbelievable talent for  for basketball. . He trains for four hours every night after school, from 4 to 8, to keep improving. His father swears that […]

X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 9 Results On 5th December 2010

Hello People, . So, we are about to get the results of the semi-finals. Who, will go….was I right in my forecast or not! Let’s see then. . First off. 1. Alexandra Burke. . Link to tonight’s performance on U Tube. . 2. Cast Of Glee. . Link to tonight’s performance on U Tube. . […]

Wagner gets It On.

Hey People, . So it is the results of the semi-final tonight. Excellent. . Oh by the way,  I have been reading that Wagner is doing very well at the moment. After being out of sight for a few days after leaving the show, he has now surfaced, and is doing performances at various nightclubs. […]