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BPoMD 57: A Streetlight By My Window.

A Streetlight By My Window. . . A  little bird Darting at my window To eat the tiny flies Attracted in the night . .

Henrietta Maria And Her Dwarf.

Hi, . My goodness, it has been incredibly windy lately. There are broken branches lying all over the place from the wind whipped trees. Winter is a’comin in! . Never mind, winter means staying in a warm house a lot more, doing lots of artwork and drinking lots of hot toddies Talking of artwork, have […]

BPoMD 56: Autumn.

Autumn. . . How many hours can pass In such a companionable way Scooping up the dry leaves To feed a garden fire . .


Hi, Midweek already….or as my Canadian friend always says….it’s Humpday. That means the mid-part of the week, then you get over the hump and on to the weekend. . As an English person I at first assumed that it could be sexual ….ie. humping….but I was wrong. Not that having a special day of the […]

BPoMD 55: A Little Light Music.

A Little Light Music. . . An intermittent breeze Plays through the garden Creating it’s own music By stirring the wind-chimes . .

BPoMD 54: Tiger Stripes.

Tiger Stripes. . . Enjoying long striped shadows Across the pavement Cast by iron railings Caught by the setting sun . .

Seven more, Starting With Akon.

Hi, . Since my last CD and my effusive gratitude upon recieving it, Big H is asking me what other music I really like, so he must be making me another one. Therefore, I have had a think, and here are some of the results. . There is Akon singing Beautiful. . and Lonely. . […]

Poem: Moondreams.

Moondreams. . . The thick black specs Are ‘in’ again And love still hurts But Buddy is forever dead . .

Radical Thinking.

Hello, . Well, after a fine weekend we are back with the cold and rain, and it’s . But never mind. . With regard to yesterday’s about the very overweight Orangutan, it is interesting to see the latest thinking about overweight people. Of course they cannot be given to an animal sanctuary in order to […]

BPoMD 53: Autumn.

Autumn. . . Looking at the sunlight Through the smoke of a garden fire Partnering the wind In a lazy circle dance . .