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Louis Walsh And Bruce Forsyth Spat.

Hello Again, . According to the newspaper reports…Louie 58, and Bruce 82, are having a somewhat vicious squabble at the moment. . Apparently last Monday, during the recording of  Strictly Come dancing, Brucie made some derogatory remarks about X Factor being such an embarrassing programme that he could not bear to watch it. He called […]

Temper, Temper.

Hi, . Oh my. What has happened to our stiff upper lip here in blighty! . This between two cars took place on a normal boring British day. . Until the lady in the red car was struck with sudden road rage. . Luckily the evidence did not rely on ‘she said….she said’ evidence as […]

Haiku: Faith.

Faith. . . Results can take time – But that is no good reason Not to plant the seeds. . .

X Factor With Video Links: Live Show 9 On 4th December 2010.

Hey X Factor Fans, . So here we are at the semi-finals. . What will happen tonight then, who will fall at the last hurdle. Who will go forward to the finals. . We shall see. And so it begins….singing club classics. , Tonight I have had to revert to just providing you all with […]

The Big Freeze.

Hi, . Saturday is here again, so we shall be meeting once more tonight, to find out how things are going to shape up for the X Factor semi-final. Unless I have frozen to death first of course. . I was up late again this morning because I find myself being totally unwilling to actually […]

Poem: Winter.2

Winter. . Winter is a red and blue time. The half of me that faces the fire Is always toasted to a bright red While the other side stays blue. . .

Not Many Good Samaritans Here Then.

Hi, . Well, Christmas is coming, and we are in the season of goodwill towards all men….not! . Because I have a chastening Christmas story to tell you today. Are you sitting comfortably. Then I’ll begin. . This week, in Wiltshire, there was 77 year old retired gardener, called Brian Courtney. He decided to drive […]

Poor Matt Cardle And Happy Cheryl Cole.

Hi, . We are still snowed under here in the UK, and everything has come to a dead halt as usual. Amazing how it happens every time we get snow. . At the moment a large proportion of schools are closed, people cannot get into work, and those who do try are held up for […]

Liu Bolin. The Invisible Man.

Hi, . Something very different and much more sensible for you today. . Have you seen the work by the artist Liu Bolin. He is Chinese. He is also known as the ‘invisible man’. . This is because he is a performance artist whose work is mainly to be painted into his surroundings by his […]

Poem: I And I.

I And I. . . It’s really weird, But just tonight I saw my own shadow Cast by the streetlight And it really seemed To have a life of it’s own. . .