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Poem: From The Corner Of My Eye.

From The Corner Of My Eye. . . There is but a small mark, I can only watch it From the corner of my eye. It is not important In the scheme of things, I refuse to give it That amount of my life. Unfortunately it has A life of it’s own. . .

Poem: Leaving Knightsbridge.

Leaving Knightsbridge. . . It’s puzzling when you find The changes that life makes To things you would have killed for Once upon a time. The plot does not thicken, Nor does the detail grow. Rather, find that stiffened fingers Pull out the rich, embroidered Tapestries you wove With so much dogged care. . .

The Things Wives Don’t Know.

Hi, . I do hope that life is being good to you today. . The weather was a little better yesterday afternoon as the snow was melting, although the remaining ice was a bit iffy to walk on. . As the roads were clearer, we made another visit to the seaside, which is cool whatever […]

Poem: Snowstorm Over The Sea.

Snowstorm Over The Sea. . Standing on the rusty prom And looking out to sea Is amazing at any time, But in a heavy snowstorm It could break your heart. It’s the emptiness of the whole thing, The snow so dense and so white, A view curtailed and curtained off With torn antique lace swatches. […]

Poem: Mum And Dad Have Changed House.

Mum And Dad Have Changed House. . . It’s very strange, to find That now my mum and dad have gone, They loom much larger In my random thoughts. It seems that, as they left The house where we grew up, They merely changed their dwelling, To one small room in my mind. . .

The Bells Are Ringing.

Hey, , Hope that I find you happy today, and also hoping that your year is starting in a good way. . My own world is still white, cold and snowy. . I am sitting here listening to the church bells calling, as it is a Sunday, and all of the faithful are no doubt […]

George Harrison Did It First.

Good Day, . I had a somewhat frustrating conversation over New Year. . It is amazing sometimes, how people seem to think that only the stuff that they personally experienced is true, and how totally rigid they can be about their version of the truth. . This particular conversation was about Sir Bob Geldorf and […]

Poem: Breathless.

Breathless. . . The sight of you Leaves me breathless As I run towards you I can hear nothing But the heartbeat That deafens my ears . .

Happy New Year To You All.

Hey, . May I take this opportunity to wish you the happiest of New Years. . I hope that you find great happiness and contentment in 2010, and that at least one of your dreams comes true. . I have a somewhat nasty hangover but it cannot be blamed upon anyone but myself….it shows that […]